Freshly Canned Gherkins From India For Your Good Health

Blog post   •   Apr 12, 2016 11:30 IST

The tropical fruit Gherkin is a favorite pickle around the world in the pickled form. The Gherkin is a type of cucumber and green in color with high nutrient value that has made it a hot favorite on the tables across the world. Originally grown in Africa, the fruit was subsequently introduced to the rest of the world by the Portuguese at the time of their colonial power. The fruit also reached India and is now cultivated in many places especially the southern part that is close to the equator. The highly sunny conditions are ideal for allowing the fruit to attain proper maturity and being loaded with it’s customary nutrients.

Preserving natural goodness

There are several leading exporters of the fresh Gherkins from India that are produce din their own farms. The cultivation itself takes place with much care so as to ensure high-quality yield that will be rich in the vitamins, calcium, iron and the foliate. The produce is plucked when the fruit reaches it’s natural maturity and brought to the factory immediately to begin the processing for canning. Beginning the processing within twenty-four hours of plucking the fruit ensures that the tropical freshness reaches the consumer even in the coldest possible region.

The careful processing

Each step of the processing involves strict quality control that is employed by the experts that take care to maintain the highest standards of hygiene and sanitation. Thus, once the farm produce reaches the factory, every fruit is hand-picked so as to avoid placing of any spoil Gherkins in cans that can affect the health of the consumer. The process of washing takes place with water that is tested every six months – a standard that is set by the food and drug control of the country as per international standards. The selected Gherkins are then washed with brine to disinfect them and finally placed in the natural preserving ingredient or vinegar.

The high quality packing

Placing the Tinned Gherkins in the vinegar and brine solution in the right percentage will help in maintaining the nutrient value of the fruit intact. The Gherkins are also known to contain high levels of potassium that is necessary for proper functioning of muscles and the blood systems. As potassium is also known to play a major part in augmenting the metabolism system of the human body, the freshly canned Gherkins then become a good source of vital nutrients to good health. Apart from the tins, they are also available in large food grade barrels for commercial consumption.

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