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Google is not just driving broadband but rather Google is Broadband

Blog post   •   Nov 09, 2010 17:43 IST

Google IS Broadband

Everything broadband was supposed to do in 1999 terms (per endless, mind-numbing trade show panel discussions) seems to be offered by Google today including a range of video products, an emerging cloud computing music service, free VoIP, mobility and location based services and a suite of collaboration platforms. ( )

In this report, we explore the notion that Google is not just driving broadband but rather Google is Broadband. With a continual stream of innovation, acquisitions, and new applications, it is not a stretch to say that Google (and its competitors) is a big reason for the push for ever increasing bandwidth in both the fixed and mobile domain.


* Anyone seeking insights into Google and their competitors
* Anyone wanting to understand the forces driving adoption of broadband

Key chapters:

Introduction. 3
Video. 3
Google Music. 4
Google Voice. 5
Collaboration: Google Docs and Google Groups. 6
Mobile Computing Platform: Android and Droids. 7
Location-Based Services. 7
Conclusion. 8

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