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Helping complete builds within time with innovative forklift accessories

Blog post   •   Nov 10, 2011 10:44 IST

Forklift trucks are vehicles commonly spotted in warehouses and factories where loads are transported from one site to another. While users usually have a tough time dealing with cargoes of different types, shapes and sizes, diverse attachments can facilitate efficient handling of goods.Forklift truck attachments had been introduced in the market half a decade back when the demand for attachments of different designs has started cropping up. Since then, the accessories have evolved largely in quality and design. Currently, the market is buzzing with forklift accessories of various styles and materials to bolster displacement of materials in industries and constructional sites.

Considering the different uses of a forklift vehicle apart from transportation of goods, an endless inventory of forklift accessories have made their way into the market. The snow plough attachment is one of them that are widely used during the long winters. Streets logged with sheets of snow are hard to be dismantled with shovels operated by humans. These snow plodding forklift truck attachments come with fixed blades that scrape off the thick ice deposits from the street surface, leaving the road ice-free. The blades are as thick as 10mm made of tough steel that do not buckle under pressure.
The human basket is another very useful attachment commonly used for the purpose of transporting humans. In constructional sites where the labors need to move from one place to another swiftly to execute certain tasks, these forklift truck attachments save both time and labor. The accessories are made up of a high-raised platform caged with railings. The workers simple board on it and the vehicle operator directs the attachment to the required location for conveyance. Human basket forklift accessories can carry about twenty people at a time without failing under their weight. The platform can be easily mounted or dislodged.

Drum lifter is also one of the most commonly used forklift accessories for transporting drums and barrels from one place to another. The accessories come in shape of a half sphere that grabs the drums by their neck and lift them for displacement. The attachments are equipped with a couple of quick-slide attachments that allow repositioning. Some of the best quality drum lifter forklift accessories can lift up drums and barrels as heavy as 220 liters. They also come with rolling hoops for dual convenience of the users. Another type of drum lifter comes with horizontal holders that lifts the barrel laterally and transport them. Excellent for containers that are air tight and do not contain liquid, the lifters vary in capacity.

Forklift accessories of all types are available online over the retail stores. Purchasing items over the Web can save a lot of money as their prices are generally considerably discounted, in comparison to the land-based stores.