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How competent are the Personal Injury Solicitors in Driving Work Accident Claims in a Positive Direction?

Blog post   •   Oct 03, 2012 12:36 IST

Filing a compensation claim is not easy. You need to follow certain steps to finally file the case in the court of law. However, a layman does not have the knowledge of the steps that needs to be taken to file a work accident claim successfully. Thus, to avoid all the hassles and the risk of an unsuccessful claim, it is important to get the services of the personal injury solicitors. These expert law professionals have the knowledge and educational degree to represent an accident at work case on behalf of his clients.

Work Accidents often engulf the UK Workplaces

Work accidents are common occurrences in the UK, most of the injuries and deaths happening in the construction industry. The manufacturing industry and the agricultural sector follow the construction industry in terms of the work accident rates. The government is quite successful in reducing the work accident rates, but has failed to prevent such unfortunate occurrences. A survey has been recently conducted to find employers’ negligence as one of the prime reasons behind accidents at work. If you have suffered from an accident at work, you can file a compensation claim. You can approach a reputed personal injury solicitor and see if he agrees to take your case.

The government of the United Kingdom has urged the health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the local authorities to do a research and identify where and how the accident risks occur. This research study will help the Health and Safety Executive and the local authority to teach the employers and the business owners the tricks to reduce the number of accidents.

2012 Changes in Work Accident Compensation Filing Methods

Before 6th April 2012, the injured employees were supposed to report their employers about a work accident that has incapacitated them for more than 3 consecutive days. However, after a few changes in the procedure, the victimized worker will get more than 7 consecutive days to report his injury. The report needs to be prepared within 15 days of the mishap. Not only in case of an accident at work, should you also contact your employer if you suffer from an industrial disease.

Work Accident Filing Procedure: How do the Personal Injury Solicitors help settle a compensation claim?

The trial process can be hassle-free if you take the right course of action. The personal injury solicitors are experts in determining the right track on which he can proceed to settle a work accident compensation case successfully. The legal procedure followed by a solicitor is the same for all cases, but it should be applied appropriated as per the complexity of the lawsuit.

As soon as you meet a solicitor with your case, you will make a comprehensive study of your case and decide if he is confident in winning the case. If the case has enough potential to get compensation, the personal injury solicitor is most likely to accept the case. He will collect the evidences and documents supporting the mishap and present them in the court to convince the judge to grant the best possible compensation.