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How to avail best domain names in India

Blog post   •   Jan 23, 2016 11:40 IST

How to avail best domain names in India


Website Domain name is the first step that makes people to know about you and your services. Choosing a suitable domain name is very important, as far as the online survival of your website is concerned. If your domain name is relevant to your services, then the chances to click through your site will be more. It must have an unique power to attract visitors. Since thedomain name in India is your online identity, the process of choosing the same requires proper thoughts and considerations. Moreover, the website in Indian domain helps you to create an address for you and represent your business in all respects. All these features of domain name ease the task of promoting your business.

Here are some tips that help you to choose domain name for your website.

Short Domain name

Website having Indian domaindesigned with three to five letters are seen moving in fast paces. If your domain name is attractively short, it will be highly benefited to your business. So while creating domain names, remember not to exceed it by twenty characters. To generate best results, always try to choose names below ten characters.

Reflection of brands

Domain name availability in India is highly capable to reflect the feature of your business brand. It should have the unique quality to catch the attention of online visitors. If a domain name can highlight your brands, it will help visitors to get connected with you if desired. Such website domain names are easily memorable too.

Keyword usage

The role of keywords are very crucial as far as the domain in India is concerned. So remember to use keywords that nurture your business and the services you want to offer. It will enable you to improve your rank on various search engine browsers. Inclusion of keywords will help you to increase traffic and create more sense to your customers.

Easy to type

Choosing an Indian domain name that is easy to type is crucial for achieving online success. If you use slang words and phrases with multiple spellings, then it will be difficult for customers to find your site. If you are interested to create an easy-to-access website, it is mandatory for you to avoid using strange letter sequence. It should be easy to pronounce also.

Focus on preferred area

For enhancing your business, it is essential for you to focus on your preferred locality. But you must be able to reflect that sense through your domain name registration. If your business is operating around a particular area, remember to include the city or state within that domain name. In this way you can make your customers to find it easily and remember.

Memorable name

As there are millions of registered domain names, it is essential to have memorable and catchy names. As per the domain search in India, it has been found that difficult or senseless domain names are not being remembered by the visitors. This is the reason why sites with these complicated names lose visitors and traffic. So, if you have chosen a name, share it with your intimate friends, and make sure that it sounds suitably and gives proper sense to others.

Conduct Research

You have to conduct research on domain availability in India, before deciding to choose one for your website. This is to make sure that the name you have selected is neither trademarked nor being used by another company. Otherwise you will have to face legal action regarding your domain name. So do the needful to conduct proper domain name research beforehand.

Avoid numbers or hyphens

Hyphens and numbers in domain name makes it highly complicated. So try to avoid it as far as possible. It has been observed that the good Indian domains are without numbers or hyphens. If you buy domain names having numbers or hyphens, there are high possibilities for your visitors to move to some other sites.


By remembering these tips one could be more confident in terms of domain registration. They will be more capable to choose suitable and best domain name for their websites. You are hereby advised to note down all the potential names that comes to your mind and analyze each of them carefully. You have to see how well they fit with respect to the criteria mentioned above in bringing out the essential conditions required for a good domain name. If your domain has most of the aforesaid factors, your website could be your masterpiece creation.