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How to sell your product and services on Internet

Blog post   •   Nov 30, 2016 12:49 IST

Like so many people you also want to start your own business and sell your products or services through internet?

Then question arises how?
Here we discuss what problems people face when they started their own business.
So now let’s start. When you start your business that might be service based or product based then people look how to sell their product and services via internet. Then you need to take some serious steps to grow your business

Step 1: Build your business website – First you need to build your business website, at your website categorized each product and services properly and that should be visible clearly to the user.

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Step 2: Use images which are related to your business on the website, because researches show that users attract 5 times more than the text data on internet, and don’t forget to give name to each image which you are using on your website using HTML “alt” attribute. It helps search engine to recognize image by name because they don’t recognize graphics they only read text.
Step 3: Use relevant title, description, keyword for every page of your website according to your webpage. It helps search engines to pick your webpage link and show that specific page link on search engine result page when user looking for a service or product you want to sell to customer.
Step 4: Do some social media marketing on social media platforms like linkedin, Facebook, Twitter. They will help you to show your products and services to users who are using social media platforms.
Step 5: Spend some money on paid marketing like Google and Facebook PPC(Pay Per Click) programs. They will bring some traffic on your website.
Step 6: Get your user details with popup form. When user will come to your website then most of users don’t fill the contact form they only view some of your web pages then they bounce from your website. In that case if you use a popup form on your site then there is a 40-50% chance that the user will fill the form. In that form include name, email, phone no, message fields. With that information you can contact to your user and try to convert him.
Step 7: Do some link building for your website. It will help you to grow your online presence on search engines. Which means they will help to bring some more traffic to your website but it take some time.
Follow these steps and most probably you can start selling your services and products in 1-2 months.