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Know about Healing Power of Hooponopono

Blog post   •   Sep 12, 2016 16:38 IST

Nothing can be better than living a life where you do not hold any grudges for anyone and stay happy with your deeds. Often, people get in to situations where they have negative thoughts for their relatives and closed ones. People get in to family disputes frequently due to one or the other reason. This is something which everyone wants to avoid. People want to live a life which is not complicated. Thus it is very important to forgive others for whatever they have done. It may seem easy to say but in reality it is very difficult to forgive.

When an individual feels that he is unable to deal with a problem by himself then he should seek advice from others. There are a few practices which are done only to make life of people easier and simpler. If you have ever searched for such practices then you might have come across Hooponopono. For people, who have never heard it, we would like to mention that this is an ancient practice having its root in Hawaii. It is done for forgiveness. This practice has helped a large number of people worldwide in dealing with family issues.

It is done by a healing priest also known as Kahuna. When an individual is physically ill and he/she is unable to recover for a long time after trying several treatments then this practice is advised. One should know that all the family members are required for this practice. Now days, this can also be done by the eldest member of the family or the individual can do it himself as well. The motive of this ritual is to bring harmony among the members of a family. It is also believed that this ritual makes the relation of a family better with the god by getting to the root cause of the problems. Traditionally, the senior most person of the family does this ritual.

What we do depends largely on our thought process. It is very important for people to keep their mind clear and have positive thoughts. The power of brain is limitless. People have done wonders only by using their brain power time and again. What you feed to your mind is also very important. If you train your mind to do constructive activities then you will achieve fruits of your work.

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