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Medical Negligence Solicitors to Execute the Claims with Expertise and Effectiveness

Blog post   •   Aug 24, 2012 17:18 IST

Doctors and healthcare authorities are often held as being the most useful professionals who serve the society on a daily basis. Medical practitioners have the ability to bring back an individual to his normal life even after he has gone through certain severe disease or ailment. While on the one hand, the services of these professionals appear indispensible, on the other, it can turn out to be a major source of trouble for a person, exercising a huge impact on his life. Medical malpractices, popularly known as medical negligence, signify acts of carelessness and negligence that triggers a wrong course of treatment for a particular patient. Since, such acts are a breach of the duty of care on part of the doctors or nurses; they are liable to be punished by law. Accordingly, the victims of the negligence are entitled to claim compensation and the medical negligence solicitors immensely help in this regard.

Dealing with the Defendant

While the filing of compensation claims for the road accidents, work accidents and so on, have become quite common; the ones intended for the medical negligence cases have certain confusion surrounding them. The most difficult part lies in proving the innocence of the victim, more importantly, the actual carelessness of the doctors that led to the trouble. Since, the victims of clinical negligence happen to be already suffering from some disease; it is most likely that the opponent will blame this problem as the cause of the present condition of the patient. It is the expertise of the solicitors that helps in establishing the facts and thereby, making the case appear convincing enough.

Letter of Claim

The solicitors actually follow a certain procedure of presenting the claims in the most desirable manner. To begin with, they send a letter of claim and a disclosure of records to the opponent, be it an individual or the hospital authorities. This letter of claim asks for an explanation for the breach along with underlining the point as to why the opponent should be agreeing upon paying the particular amount. The defendant usually has three months to respond to the letter. The claim finds an easy success in case the defendant replies on time and the case gets resolved with the claimant getting hold of the compensation. There exist chances of further court proceedings when the opponent raises question regarding the claim.

Disclosure of Records

Alongside the letter of claim, a letter of disclosure, as mentioned earlier, is of utmost significance when it comes to the medical negligence claims. This letter is meant to ask the opponent to provide all the medical reports and details that presently lie with him. It should be remembered in this respect that the medical information works extremely well in offering a strong and credible base to the claims. Above everything else, the support and guidance of the medical negligence solicitors is necessary not just in respect of obtaining compensation but also allowing the unfortunate victims to acquire the required moral support and confidence.