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New Career Boom for Techies in IoT Industry

Blog post   •   Dec 01, 2015 17:53 IST

IoT is becoming industry favorite. Many of tech giants, mid-level companies as well as startups are adapting IoT for the better tomorrow. We can call it as Era of IoT and it's changing the game of internet & the things connected via internet. As result of this adaptation, there are lots of jobs are popping up in the IoT domain.

Companies who are into IoT development like IntelSAP LabsDell, Tech MahindraCumulations TechnologiesSrishti Technet are looking for IoT enthusiast, who are passionate about IoT development and experienced in the domain, who can conceptualize the IoT products, design, develop & test them by considering the user intent.

By 2020, there would be 38 billion smart devices worldwide, which means that 285 percent growth in 5 years. A research from Tata Consultancy Services reveals that 80 percent businesses are developing IoT to better serve their customers. The companies are not looking for the software engineers who can just code, rather who understands the customer pain, the working model of IoT, passionate to solve problems rather building products. 

Demand for IoT Architects & Product heads

Tech giants are looking for experts who are BE, B.Tech, M.Tech or MCA graduates with six years of experience in technology related product development to join them into IoT domain.

The key skills which an individual need to wear to fit into IoT industry are:

  •  The most important trait is to identify the user problem and understand the requirement. Reach out to 
  • Ability to perform product feasibility surveys, create early product prototype, ability to assess the validity of IoT products
  • Knowledge on technologies like J2EE, web applications such as front end, back end technologies
  • Sound knowledge on NFC, beacons, zigbee and etc to communicate hardware with software
  • Networking & Visualization concepts
  • Experience in programming and IoT gateway products testing
    Experience in working with agile model

Most importantly, if you are a experienced technology profession and passionate about IoT technology, then this is the right time to enter into the ocean of IoT technology.