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​ New Range of Windows by Satori Consulting

Blog post   •   Aug 04, 2017 13:35 IST

We approach aluminum windows as a specific design requirement—not as a low-cost alternative to vinyl or wood. As a result, Satori Consulting’s unique Aluminum Windows are found in homes and projects ranging from high-end custom homes and light commercial applications to entry-level homes and multifamily projects. In addition, just about everything in between. They are engineered to perform. They are beautiful, durable, energy efficient and available in an extensive variety of styles, colors and configurations.

Tilt-Turn Windows by Satori Consulting

Our window designs offer a very unique product for large openings in both residential and commercial markets. The versatile design is three windows in one: A secure top-venting hopper in the tilt position, an inward opening casement in the turn position and a tightly sealed picture window when closed for outstanding thermal and acoustical performance. Matching doors in a variety of configurations are available. Are you Looking for Domal / Euro Section Premium Aluminum Windows?

  • Unique tilt-turn hardware
  • Operates in both top-venting and inward-swinging positions
  • Multiple locking points and dual weather seals P rovide optimal air and water tightness
  • Large chambers A ccommodate reinforcements required for large openings in heavy commercial applications
  • Accessory groove A ccepts a variety of accessories such as brickmolds, extension jambs and profiles to couple window elements
  • Up to 1 3/8” (35 mm) glass I ncreases energy efficiency and acoustical properties

Other Features

Premium UPVC Windows and Doors in Pune

Fusion-welded corners

In addition to the benefits of uPVCs thermal properties, Satori Consulting’s fusion-welded corners greatly reduce leakage potential and the need for costly sill pans/pan flashing systems.

Steel reinforcement

Satori Consulting’s sophisticated multi-chambered designs accommodate steel reinforcement and allow for big window elements. This, in turn, provides greater daylight openings and brighter interior designs.

Compression-seal technology

When the wind is blowing strong and rain is pouring down, compression seals are optimizing the air and water performance of SATORI CONSULTING windows and doors.

Multiple locking points

Multi-point locking hardware assures consistent compression on the seals all around the perimeter of the sash and frame for further performance enhancements and improved security.

High-definition finish

Only occasional cleaning with soap and water is needed to keep the surfaces looking like new, even years after installation.