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Points to Consider for Indian Wedding Suits

Blog post   •   Oct 17, 2016 16:43 IST

An Indian wedding is an exalted event with abounding ceremonies, lavish dinners, and festival-like celebrations. Throughout the celebrations, attention is aimed towards the attires of the bride and groom. They are the center of the event, and therefore it is important that they look remarkable and apart from the crowd. After all it is the moment of their life, and this is the reason both of them blow months preparing their outfits, accessories and shoes.Choosing a wedding dress is no easy task, primarily since every man yearns to look like a prince charming on his wedding day. Out of different factors which can impact your choice, there are certain things to keep in mind which can help you make an appropriate selection.

  • First you need to select an overall idea of the outfit and then have a look at its minor features like embroideries and accessories. This simply means Indian groom had just as big a job as his bride in picking an outfit.

  • While looking out for buying Indian wedding suits for men, fabric is that you need to look out and the material that guarantees you to keep comfortable throughout the wedding. There are many different suiting materials that are marked with the super 100 mark that indicates that the fabric thread has just been twisted about 100 times rather than the average 60-80.

  • To check the pant fitting you must be able to slide in two fingers behind the waist when you are trying on the pant for comfort. If you are able to slip through your fingers without any difficulty then you do not have to trouble about the fitting again. If you are skinnier never select those pleated pants however if you are chubby one you can do with the pleated pants. The length of the suits sleeves must be long enough so as to reach the tip of your thumb when your hands are by your side. If this is not the state then the suit might look inappropriate for you to wear on your special wedding.

  • The jacket waist should be made in such a way that it improves your physique and doesn't draw out the fat content in and throughout your waist. Two button tux, as well as three-button tux, improves the shape of your body. So make sure to keep in mind that you don’t look fat while finalizing the cloth. The fit of the suit is designated by the suppleness as it enables you to stretch and move around your arms; basically, when you need to feel relaxed inside your wedding dress.

So buying Indian wedding suits for men is a quite difficult task as there are plenty of styles, colours, cuts that are available for the common man to pick from.

You can both buy a tux suit or you can borrow one on rent for a fair price at your neighboring local suiting store. Undoubtedly tuxedo suit in Mumbai is another option to choose, which can be considered for purchase or rent on your special day.