Rattan Garden Furniture

Blog post   •   May 27, 2016 18:32 IST

We maintain the highest levels of stock to ensure swift delivery and most items are dispatched within 48 hours. Our designers, manufacturers and quality controllers work very closely together to ensure that we provide comfortable and stylish rattan garden furniture of the highest quality for our customers. Be it for a small patio or a large garden we will always have rattan garden furniture that meets your specific requirements.

We can confidently say that we manufacture the best outdoor rattan furniture as we understand and use the latest technology available to design all of our products. Our rattan garden furniture is resistant to all weather conditions and is guaranteed for 5 years against discoloring, brittleness and oxidation so can safely be left outdoors all year round. The rattan furniture is supported by specially processed aluminium that is rust resistant. All our furniture is resistant to ultraviolet ray and moisture and is easy to wipe clean.

Rattan‘s use as a material for furniture, whether it be outdoor or indoor, is unmistakable. It can easily be bent a curved into whichever design the creator has in mind. Ratans light, golden colour and instantly brighten a room or outdoor environment. It can instantly convey a feeling of tropical paradise.

Rattan is a very lightweight material, and it’s almost indestructible. Because of its lightweight characteristic, it can be easily moved and handled. It can withstand some of the most extreme conditions, no matter how warm or cold. Ratan has a natural resistance to any damage that insects might do it.

This kind of furniture is a great idea if you have a house that young children live in. You do not have to hold them back around rattan furniture. The lightweight pieces won’t topple heavily on children, as well as not causing any damage to your flooring. If you’re someone who enjoys changing the layout of a room on a regular basis, then the lightness of rattan furniture allow you to move items about without much strength needed.

One of the major benefits of rattan furniture is its low maintenance. The majority of other natural materials need to be treated with oil and preservatives. Rattan lasts for an impressive amount of time without the need for any maintenance. The furniture may require a dust with a nice brush for time to time, but in a short space of time the furniture will look as good as new. Any dirt that may appear can just be wiped with a wet cloth.

Rattan cubes and classics have fantastic weatherproofing qualities. Simple to care for and requiring virtually no maintenance, our rattan dining tables also come with a five year guarantee. As PE rattan is also resistant to ultraviolet light, it won’t become blanched or discoloured by the sun. UV protection is also found in the base cushions and scatter cushions so you needn’t worry about any part of your garden furniture becoming discoloured whatever the summer sun may bring.

We pride ourselves in on our professional service and expert advice. We will always endeavour for a hassle free after sales service however, in the unlikely event you experience any problems, you’ll see we are as good as our word. We look forward to welcoming you as a customer soon. Please visit us : http://www.rattanfurnitureuk.co.uk