Select Diploma Mechanical Engineering College In Gujarat For A Chequered Future

Blog post   •   Dec 16, 2015 10:14 IST

There was a universal standard that for every qualified engineer, there should be ten qualified semi skilled personnel or mechanics. In square term, you need ten diploma engineers to support one qualified engineer. However, in the initial years the thrust got a bit skewed, and the result was disastrous. India spends billions to supply the world with quality engineer and earned a pittance through remittance. The scenario has now changed and there is a course correction. India and the states where the industrial activity is high churning out qualified diploma engineers’ to support the industry. There are now as many as 349 Diploma mechanical engineering colleges in gujarat.

Utility of Diploma Electrical Engineering courses

The demand for good diploma engineers in Electrical Engineering is also high. There are at present 86 numbers of Diploma Electrical Engineering College in Gujarat. The institutes are good and competent. And the advantage of diploma engineering courses are that the courses can be taken up after completion of +10 school leaving exams and the course duration is for three years. It is a kind of vocational training, and the graduate can take up employment after completion of 10 + 3 years of education. There is, of course, a chance of getting lateral admission in the second year of engineering courses if the incumbent desires.

Utility of Diploma Electrical Engineering courses

The advantage of such courses is that the cost of education is not very high and the total education period is short, it is 10+3, instead of 12+4 for years for graduate engineers. The next question is why Gujarat, the answer is simple that the new units are setting up here. The local educational institutes are in close liaison with the local industrial groups and can remodel their courses or impart special training to their students. The both way journey will equip them properly. It is a must for all core courses.

Utility of Diploma Civil Engineering courses

The Civil Engineering is another part of the core courses, and there are 1575 colleges impartingDiploma civil engineering courses in India. In Gujarat alone, there are 81 colleges. The question again is why Gujarat and the answer are same again, where large number of industries are setting up their units, construction activities will be highest there. The industry will need civil works for the factory, staff quarters and infrastructure development. Therefore, selecting a good college for your ward is necessary. You must verify the quality of the faculty members, the labs, the library and the overall ambience of the Institute. There is good diploma engineering college in Gujarat. You must search them out.

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