SEO Features your Ecommerce Store should Support

Blog post   •   Jul 23, 2018 17:14 IST

H1 Tag for Category Names and Product Title on Product Details Page

The fact that 80% of the first-page search results in Google use an H1 tag, indicates how important it is for SEO. H1 tag signifies heading on a website. It is also referred to as title tag that are visible in search engine result pages and give previews of a given page. It plays a crucial role in improving SEO.

When doing on-page optimization, it is often advised to keep category names and product titles in H1 tag. H1 tags have always been a major ranking factor. So make sure the Ecommerce storeyou choose allows you to include H1 tag on every web page of your site.

Auto XML Sitemaps

XML sitemaps enable search engines crawl various pages of your site. So they play a crucial role in making your website visible to search engines. Without XML sitemaps, your site pages won’t be indexed by search engines, which can have a negative impact on website rankings.

Although most ecommerce platforms available today provide a XML sitemap, you certainly don’t want to edit XML sitemap manually every time you want to add or remove a web page. So make sure the ecommerce platform you choose comes with a XML sitemap generator feature, which automatically updates the sitemap whenever the website content is modified.

Own Domain Name

Make sure the company that is offering Ecommerce servicesallows you to setup your own domain name. Avoid using subdomain even if you have to spend additional money to create a separate domain name. Your domain name should always be relevant to what your business is all about. It should relate to your overall business and brand strategy. Hence, a subdomain that has the name of your ecommerce platform provider in it, looks less professional. Moreover, you will have a tough time redirecting your visitors from subdomain to a new domain.