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Some Indispensable Varieties of Forklift Accessories

Blog post   •   Mar 23, 2012 12:44 IST

People, associated with the transportation or distribution business are well aware of the importance of the forklift trucks. There is no denying the fact that the forklift trucks are indispensable machines of special relevance in certain fields of work. However, even the immensely useful forklift trucks often turn out to be of little use without the adequate forklift accessories. Although the addition of the attachments reduces the lifting capacity of the trucks to a considerable extent, there are certain accessories that the trucks just cannot do away with. These accessories do not only increase the overall productivity of the trucks but also enable them to carry out tasks with commendable ease and efficiency.

To begin with, the forklift truck attachments in the form of the poly load protectors need special mention. These are simple plastic coverings meant to wrap up the forks. They do not even add to the length of the forks, leave aside increasing the weight of the same. Coming to their specific use, the poly load protectors turn out to be extremely helpful in lifting delicate loads without causing any possible damage to them. For instance, materials such as cotton are soft enough to be lifted up by the steel forks. Therefore, the poly load protectors are must whenever there is a need to handle the rather fragile materials.

The forklift accessories have recently become quite popular in the construction industry as well. An example of the attachment widely used in construction sites is the man basket. These are platforms that enable the workers to go up to a certain height without the least possibility of losing grip and falling down. The baskets are covered from all sides with railings thereby allowing the personnel to concentrate on the work without other worries or anxieties. Man baskets are not just meant to enhance operational effectiveness but also ensure safety and security of the workers, involved in the rather difficult tasks.

For anyone involved in a transportation business, it is quite assumable that the clients will always prefer to receive the items in the best possible condition. This is where the carpet poles come to your rescue. The poles are usually entered through the hollow at the centre of the rolls of carpet and similar other items. This prevents the materials from possible damages even when they go through a lot of jerking while being carried. The suitable forklift truck attachments have the potential of increasing the longevity of the forklift trucks.