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The Explicitly Simple Work Ethic of No Win No Fee Solicitors

Blog post   •   Oct 13, 2012 12:54 IST

Ever since Legal Aid got abolished, the victims of different types of accident have found no better place to have recourse to than the solicitor firms that work on ‘no-win-no-fee’ basis. The no win no fee solicitors have been providing their legal services for the personal injury compensation claimants precisely since 1995. Since then, the UK legal scenario has undergone a sea change. Newer bills have been introduced and necessary amendments have been made to the existing laws and other rules and regulations. But the no-win-no-fee lawyers have been able to stay prominent on the UK legal map for all these years just because the explicitly simple work ethic that they follow.

Love thy neighbor

The philosophical base of the services offered by no win no fee lawyers can be found in the New Testament of the Bible:

“You shall not take vengeance or bear a grudge against your kinsfolk. Love your neighbor as yourself: I am the LORD.”—Leviticus 19:18[10], the "Great Commandment" (Source: Wikipedia).

The phrase ‘love thy neighbor’ is the philosophical foundation of the English Tort Laws. In the English society, compensation claim lawsuits are seen as reparative actions taken by the accident victims. The wrongdoers need to pay compensation to the victims. But the principal aim is to seek compensation for the losses and damages incurred, and not to punish the offenders. This Biblical ethic works as the cornerstone of the English Tort Laws.

Pro bono services

No-win-no-fee solicitors in the UK offer pro bono services. Since 2002, many personal injury compensation claim solicitor firms as well as law institutes have started celebrating Annual Pro Bono week. The observance of the Pro Bono week encourages the no win no fee solicitors to reach more people in distress, more victims of negligence. There is also a pro bono group in the UK that comes instrumental in clearing the pro bono lawsuits. Pro bono public is a Latin term implying any sort of professional work voluntarily undertaken for the public welfare. The no-win-no-fee lawyers actually follow this pro bono work ethic for providing their services.

Pro bono in application

Legal experts who work on pro bono basis take the cases of their clients voluntarily. They help their clients in winning the compensation claim cases. If the cases are won, they ask for their fees and success fees from their clients. The Success Fees can be labeled as a performance inducement. However, no win no fee lawyers do not follow the pro bono ethics religiously. They ask for fees when the verdict goes in favor of the claimant. Considering the fact that many people cannot access the legal services and cannot claim compensation for their losses and damages, the role of these solicitors cannot be denied.

The contract says it all

No win no fee solicitors explain their payment terms and conditions in an explicit manner in the contracts they sign and enter with their clients. These contracts are known as Conditional Fee Agreements. The intelligibility of the payment terms and conditions best reflect their simple work ethic.