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​The Potential of the Internet of things and the future humanity

Blog post   •   May 20, 2016 18:49 IST

With billions of individuals linked to the world wide web these days, and the volume of associated equipment to meet or exceed 50 billion by the year 2020, the Internet of Things (IoT) symbolizes a significant shift within the digital community that can influence absolutely everyone and each and every business enterprise.

What possibilities does IoT present?

IoT is foremost change for better inside the digital landscaping - and now it is turning into the must-have component of business venture. Several of the principal causes driving the adoption of IoT are:

New business enterprise possibilities

The net of associated equipment, individuals and information will offer business possibilities to several market sectors. Corporations should be able to use IoT facts to achieve an improved comprehension of their prospect's demands and might enhance operations, for example supply chain/inventory synchronisation, investment strategies and consumer wellbeing.

Prospective sales revenue advancement

You can find numerous untapped prospects for economic influence by discovering resourceful approaches to set up IoT technologies to push top-line earnings and value creation by means of expenditure lowering and also by strengthening resource productiveness.

Superior decision-making

Personalized computing smart equipment are growing in number, resulting in more expansive alternatives, real-time improvements, superior amenities, better fact finding, and many others. Therefore, resulting in far more well informed decision-making.

Expense cutbacks

The charges of IoT parts, for example cloud solutions, sensors, GPS navigation equipment and microchips have dropped, which means the expense of IoT-linked equipment is becoming far more economical each day.

Protection and safety measures

With the aid of digital cameras and sensors, there is likelihood to shield against, or stay clear of, physical risks, which could arise within the work environment or residence. Over time, even catastrophe management or restoration programs are certain to get assistance from IoT.

Superior individual experience

The individual experience could enhance significantly as a result of convenience, simplicity of lifestyle and easy communicating. Imagine a case in point in which a person has the possibility of paying out his or her taxes remotely, check out his / her automobile parking space from the workplace, turned off or connect with devices or equipment at home, and perhaps proactively keep track of his or her health and fitness.

Superior facilities

IoT could seriously help to transform facilities into a living organism, particularly when major megacities remodel into “smart cities.” Large human population influx in urban areas and exhausted non-renewable sources of energy are responsible for resource control challenging, but smart infrastructure and connected networks are establishing alternatives with ideas, which include smart grid, intelligent waste materials management, intelligent traffic management, smart amenities and environmentally friendly towns. Microcomputer-enabled computerized citizen solutions will likely make potential smart metropolitan areas safer and much more productive.

The future of mankind looks seamless and secure with technologies such as IoT making way and breaking boundaries which remained rigid for all this while, and now losing ground to technologies that will transform human evolution.

Author Bio:

Ravindra Pratap Singh (MBA in Marketing & IT and Engineering. In Electronics & Communication) comes with 10 years of experience in the field of ICT (Information & Communication Technology). Tracking industry trends is his forte and with strategic insights has contributed substantially to various organisations in the research industry. Now CEO at Market Research & Statistics an affiliated brand of Marqual IT Solutions Pvt Ltd