Top Gherkin Exporters From India Maintain International Food Safety Measures

Blog post   •   Apr 12, 2016 12:54 IST

Summary: The major Gherkin exporters from India.usually procure the fruit from their indigenous fields and process them with international standards of food safety regulations.

Whether you are a fan of pickles or not, the tasty Gherkin that is available tinned in the market is a good health option. The fruit is a species of the cucumber family and also called the Burr cucumber and is somewhat smaller than the conventional cucumber. They grow best in the tropical climates and also in places that have sufficient sun. The fruit is generally pickled as a whole to allow you to enjoy the tangy taste and also give you the goodness that nature brings for you through this small fruit. In fact, the benefits of the fruit were well-known in ancient cultures like those in Mesopotamia where they were pickled.

The goodness preserved

Having originated in Africa introduced to the world by the Portuguese, they are also called the Horned Cucumbers. They are widely grown in the Indian subcontinent, and there are top class Gherkin exporters from India.that produce, process and pickle their own Gherkins. This ensures that the freshness of the fruits is well-preserved as they are taken to the factory nearby the field within twenty-four hours of plucking for the cleaning and the pickling process. In keeping with the international standards of food and packaging safety, the fresh produce are sent to several countries in huge barrels and also tins.

The high nutrient value

The popularity of this unique tropical fruit is ever on the rise across the globe with the low-fat content in it. It also contains a host of vital nutrients like the vitamin A, calcium, folate, and iron. The major mineral that is said to have an influence on the body metabolism as well as in controlling blood pressure – potassium is found in plenty in the Gherkins. The Gherkins that are procured directly from the farm are usually soaked in Brine to disinfect them. The subsequent process of placing the Gherkins in Vinegar.ensures that their nutrient value remains untouched.

The high standards of production

The major exporters of this valuable and nutrient rich fruit are known to have stringent quality control employed in their line of production. There are systems of water testing every six months to ensure that the raw material used in the washing and the processing of the fruits do not affect their nutrient values. The Gherkins in Acetic acid.are tinned only after following the internationally recommended levels of sanitizing the containers for exporting them. The success of the export business of these top class enterprises depend primarily on the quality of the produce that their indigenous fields yield.

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