Trust Computer Engineering Colleges In Gujarat For Your Ward’s Education

Blog post   •   Dec 15, 2015 14:54 IST

The Gujarat state is now vibrating with industrial activities. Naturally, demand for engineering, especially the computer engineering colleges in Gujarat is very high. The industry needs skilled hands, to maintain the industrial growth, and therefore, demand for engineers in the state is high. The manufacturing process now uses a high degree of precision and CNC machines are taking control of the production procedure. The entire matrix of marketing and business process is also computer controlled. So, the state must produce good computer engineers from their backyard without compromising the quality of the graduates. There are engineering colleges imparting education with all these qualities.

The engineering courses

The demand for engineers was very high in India. Previously, there were only a few Degree Engineering College in Gujarat namely, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Chemical, Mining, Marine and Aeronautics; the first three were core group and others are specialised branches. Then a few things happened. Technology started growing exponentially and opened up in fields. Every new field was demanding fresh brains to carry on. In India at present there are 41 engineering streams. The field will go on growing. The specialisation has reached at such a level that there is now a special stream called VLSI engineering.

Defining a good engineering college

It is imperative for a state to allow good engineering colleges to take control of the system. A few decades back, it was under the state control. A good engineering college is highly resource dependent. It needs high calibre faculties, very good library and huge infrastructure. This cannot be a state’s job. The investment for a good engineering institute is enough to impart primary education to scores of villages and that should be the state’s duty. So, the engineering education is now more dependent of self-financing institutes. The good news is the standard of engineering education in is very high at the base level.

Selecting a good engineering college

The self-financing Degree Engineering College in Gujarat is a good option to get your ward admitted. Be sure about a few details before finalisation. Analyse the faculty to student ratio, is it below AICTE norm, at par or above par. Get an idea of the qualification of the faculties of the particular engineering stream and the faculties of science course. It matters. Remember the first two years of an engineering curriculum covers the entire gamut of education. The student must be strong in science and imaginative enough to design future machines. The library is the next important thing and, of course, the overall ambience of the college and that should be the decider.

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