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USA Nucleic Acid Testing Market

Blog post   •   Aug 30, 2012 14:28 IST

 -Comprehensive 880-page market segmentation analysis of the US NAT market.
 -Major issues pertaining to the US NAT laboratory practice, as well as key economic, regulatory, demographic, social and technological trends with significant market impact during the next ten years.
 -An extensive review of DNA probe and biochip technologies, test formats, detection methodologies, trends in testing automation and amplification methods.
 -Ten-year test volume and reagent sales forecasts for the following categories: Company Information

 - Infectious Diseases
 - Cancer
 - Forensic Testing
 - Genetic Diseases
 - Paternity Testing/HLA Typing
 -Review of testing methodologies and instrumentation technologies.
 -Feature comparison of automated and semiautomated analyzers.
 -Sales and market shares of leading suppliers.
 -Over 60 specific opportunities for NAT instruments, test systems, IT and auxiliary products.
 -Profiles of major suppliers, and emerging market entrants, including their sales, product portfolios, marketing tactics, technological know-how, new products in R&D, collaborative arrangements and business strategies.
 -Alternative market penetration strategies.
 -Potential market entry barriers and risks.
 -Business planning issues and concerns. education sector

 Worldwide Market And Technology Overview
 A. DNA Sequencing
 1. Introduction
 2. Sequencing Methods
 3. Autoradiography
 4. The Human Genome Project
 5. Sequencing Automation
 6. Image Scanners
 7. Fluorescent Detection
 8. Gene Profiling
 9. Gene Expression
 10. Polymorphism Screening
 11. Protein Interaction Networks
 B. DNA And RNA Probe Technology
 1. Basic Principles
 2. Probe Preparation
 3. The DNA Probe Test
 a. Sample Preparation
 b. Hybridization
 c. Separation
 d. Detection/Measurement
 4. Test Formats
 a. Filter Hybridization
 Business Credit Report
 b. Southern Blot
 c. Northern Blot
 d. In Situ Hybridization
 e. Others
 5. Labeling Techniques
 6. Amplification Methods
 Polymerase Chain Reaction
 - Temperature Cyclers
 - PCR Variations
 Strand Displacement Activation
 Ligase Chain Reaction
 Branched DNA
 - Hybridization Protection Assay
 Nucleic-Acid Sequence-Based Amplification
 Self-Sustained Sequence Replicase
 - Ampliprobe
 - CAR
 - CAS
 - CPT
 - Dendritic Polymer Technology
 - LAT
 - Probe Networks
 - Repair Chain Reaction
 - Rolling Circles
 - Sequence Independent Gene Amplification
 - Sequence Initiation Reaction
 - Solid Phase Amplification
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