Why Outsource Desktop Publishing Services Is A Better Choice Always

Blog post   •   Feb 24, 2016 17:50 IST

What is Desktop Publishing?

Desktop Publishing (DTP) is a process of preparation of pages with computers, associated printing and scanning tools along with some specialized DTP software like Adobe Pagemaker, Coreldraw, MS Word and such others. It is a vast industry in itself, with wide-scale applications in printing and publishing verticals. Newspapers page layout, Book publications, Brochure designing and leaflet printing are some of the most common fields that is essentially requires Desktop Publishing. One just needs a personal computer and some specialized tools as mentioned above in order to start working with DTP. Operators working for DTP often arrange texts, pictures, graphics, graphs and others in order to prepare the final layout of a page to be printed. These days, outsource desktop publishing services is considered by many organizations for its effectiveness and advantages.

Why outsourcing desktop publishing services is considered beneficial for an organization:

Although Desktop Publishing (DTP) is considered as one of the most skilled works as far as preparing page layout is concerned, but is a task with limited skill level and can be performed by anyone who has basic knowledge of typing and page setting and also some experience on DTP software. Hence, hiring dedicated DTP operators not only adds to the cost of operation, but the productivity is also limited (sometimes) with limited output.

Outsourcing Desktop Publishing services can be availed as an affordable opportunity to outsource the work to individuals or organizations having special experience on DTP. Apart from saving the costs, outsourcing can also be done to avail well-experienced talents for the competitive DTP jobs with higher skill level. The outsourcing work is often expressed in word counts or number of pages and this offers you another advantage to high high-skill level candidates with the most competitive budget options. There is another factor that you don’t need dedicated proof readers as well, when you Outsource Desktop Publishing Services to a competent firm with an assurance of better proof-read contents.

What are the top destinations for outsourcing DTP jobs:

In the world, the per-capita man-hour costs in countries like India, China, etc are far cheap as compared to other parts of the world for outsource desktop publishing services. With skilled workforce and commitment to quality norms, Indian firms accepting outsourcing DTP jobs are easily available within fraction of budget, had it been outsourced to countries like USA or UK. This is the reason why many book publishers, and magazine houses and brochure designers prefer India as a possible and high-quality destination for outsourcing their DTP jobs.

With far superior quality and much affordable costs, outsource desktop publishing services are widely popular for its distinct advantages. You don’t require to hire dedicated DTP workforce and associated infrastructure if you are in need of desktop publishing. Also availing high-end software for specific DTP jobs adds to the cost of production, which could be eliminated by outsourcing the same to a competent firm. With all such advantages associated with outsourcing of DTP services seems to be a better proposition rather doing them in-house.

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