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Work Accidents and the Role of Personal Injury Solicitors in Settling the Claims

Blog post   •   Aug 21, 2012 12:03 IST

When an accident occurs in a workplace causing physical injury and psychological sufferings to a worker, the incident is referred to as a workplace injury. Such incidents are sadly very common in the manufacturing sectors of the UK where large and critical machines are used for manufacturing specialized products. These accidents at work are either the results of faulty machines or happen because the workers handling these machines are not properly trained to operate the machines in the desired way. Unless and until the machines are carefully maintained and regularly inspected under health and safety guidelines specified by the UK government, the number of work accidents cannot be brought under control. According to the government’s accident at work law, the victims of a workplace mishap can take legal actions against the employer who carelessness has contributed to the occurrence. The affected worker can seek the assistance of the personal injury solicitors and file an accident at work claim.

The safety laws related to the use of industrial machines are mentioned in the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998.  These laws demand the employers of the factories and owners of the manufacturing companies to select the working devices carefully to ensure that they are worthy of the type of work that is performed.  Risk assessment needs to be performed occasionally while the workers using the equipments need to be trained to ensure that they use the devices safely and effectively.  If the employer fails to offer a safe working environment and a mishap is caused by a faulty machine, the sufferer can avail the services of personal injury solicitors in initiating court proceedings to establish the failure of the employer in providing safe and secure environment. The solicitors dealing with these cases have an in-depth understanding of the laws concerning work accidents and they are adept in handling these cases successfully.

A solicitor specialized in personal injuries at work is the best person to lead the accident victim through the legalities of work accident claim process. He is the one who gathers the evidences supporting the mishap and accumulates the written opinions of the people who witnessed the incident. The solicitor represents the case in the court and deals with the insurance claims. Filing compensation claims is undoubtedly a cumbersome process, but numerous lawyers in the UK represent their clients on the basis of a Conditional Fee Agreement. According to this contract, the lawyer in charge of the case does not take any upfront payment for his services. He receives his payment only after he wins the case. The payment of the solicitor is offered by the opposing party that has been accused of causing the accident.

The internet is the best place to hunt for the personal injury lawyers. An experienced lawyer should be chosen to enhance the compensation winning probability. It is important to have a direct communication with your chosen lawyer before availing his legal suggestions regarding the work accident. It is important to check the performance history of the professional before hiring him for acquiring work accident claims.