A Glass Coffee Table - Blending Class, Creativity and Freshness

News   •   Nov 02, 2011 11:04 IST

It is often said that there are certain times and certain areas which provide a feeling of tranquil and hence people zero-in these aspects when the point turns towards relaxing. Similarly, there are certain types of furniture which also manage to soothe us and provide a sense of calmness. And one aspect is the segment of coffee tables, more so the beautifully shaped and unique styled glass ones.

From gracing the interiors of houses to being the prized possessions in office pantries, and from providing coziness at the reception area to making an open area look full and beautiful, glass tables are a sheer visual treat. Glass tables come in various sizes, shapes, patterns, designs and some even are suited for certain purposes, like say coffee tables or a read, or even a showpiece with articles displayed on it. And if glass tables are an artistic mind’s possession, then nothing like it.

He or she will use it or display it as a form of art. In the last decade or so with the super success of the IT industry, there have been many customizations when it comes to the cafeteria, pantries and break out rooms. And one of the most experimented aspects is the glass table segment. Coffee is a relaxant and break time is a stress buster and what makes these aspects blend well is a nice glass coffee table. Unlike earlier when there were only 2 or say 3 types of coffee tables, now we have a complete new and unique range of glass coffee tables.

As there are hundreds of coffee tables in terms of designs, materials used and other aspects, there are many ways to classify the entire coffee table segment. Some popular types of classifications are discussed as follows:

Glass Coffee Tables as Per Shape:

  • Square shaped tables

  • Rectangular shaped ones

  • Oval shaped glass tables

  • Round shaped tables

Tables Bifurcated as Per Materials Used:

Apart from glass being the most used material, there are other materials like leather, wood, steel, MDF, other metals etc.

Coffee Glass Tables According to the Legs:

  • Tables with 4 legs

  • 3 legged tables

  • 2 legs or sided tables

  • Singular big leg arrangement

  • Amorphous arrangements

Tables According to Colors:

As there are many add-ons and some extra workings available with many brands and also with custom made tables, there are certain other color splashes available apart from the traditional glass transparent color. The ‘glass coffee table’segment of offers many type of colored glasses, some with embroidered designs and so on.

According to the Style:

This is one of the most important bifurcations in thissector. Some popular styles include:

  • Rustic

  • Traditional

  • Modern

  • Contemporary

  • Artistic

The artistic types of tables have witnessed many style experiments and some of these come with heavy price tags attached to them. The designs can be as simple as single contoured to complex ones which for some won’t even look like a glass coffee table.