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Basics of Garden Fencing

News   •   Jul 18, 2012 17:15 IST

Garden fencing has been an important aspect to the people who have taken gardening as their hobbies. In Australia most of the houses keep a lawn or gardening plot at the entrance or behind their houses. It helps the houses to get beautiful and stylish looks. A beautiful garden with stylish garden fencing adds splendor to a house. Garden fencing is best way to keep your vacant space safe and gardening is best way to utilize your vacant space, keep environment cool and give your house an elegant and excellent look.  Besides it can give you fresh and hygienic vegetables and flowers. It also helps to keep your mind cool and refreshing. It is highly beneficial for our eyes.  

Anyway if you nurture this hobby you must know about garden fencing.

There are a number of reasons why we use fences around our garden:

  • It protects our garden from outside harm by men and animals.
  • Makes a visual boundary among plots and binderies
  • Keeps pet outside the garden
  • Gives a beautiful look to your house
  • Bars any eyesores on your property
  • Brings you money or financial benefits by protecting plants of fruits, vegetables and flowers in the garden

Fences for garden are available in different types, styles and designs. Again fencing materials may be of different kinds. The most popular structures are made of wood, metal and vinyl. Various designs that it could include are split rail, panels, picket or chain links. You can also indulge in customized garden fencing according to your needs where you can decide the height of the fences, their designs and styles. But to meet your customized needs it is better to get it from fencing contractors. When you go to decide fences, you can choose according to your taste keeping an eye to the look and style of your home. Selection of fencing materials is also an important part of your selection. 

Now take a look at the various types of Garden fencing available in the market.

Metal Garden Fencing

Metal is used as fencing material. Generally steel, aluminum and iron are used to make them. Steel and aluminum are more preferred than iron as they don’t get rust. You can also choose iron as fencing material as it is cheaper metal than others. But it needs one extra work; you should color them time to time to protect them from getting rust on them and prevent from the outside attacks of air and water. The main advantage of iron is, if you color them time to time it lasts longer than the others. It is not infested by pests. But if you don’t take care of fences made of iron, they will soon get rust and turn into scrap. If you need cheaper than that you can indulge in wire fencing made of iron.

 Wood Garden Fencing

Wood garden fences are the cheapest of all but doesn’t last long. But proper care and coloring can give you bit durability. You need to change it time to time.

 Vinyl Garden Fencing

Vinyl is more costly than the wood. It is more durable than wood and lighter in weight. 

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