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Be a Safe Driver with a Heavy Vehicle Driving School

News   •   Jul 13, 2012 15:12 IST

Most of you will agree with me that in this competitive world we could not help thinking at least for once the unbelievable speech of Charles Darwin “survival of the fittest”. So we try our best to survive in this world. To survive here and make us fittest in this world we start a race. To make us fittest what we need is self-actualization. But to reach atop of Maslow's self-actualization or “what a man can be, he must be”, we must satisfy our basic needs that is air, food, water, sex, sleep, shelter and excretion. In order to get food or sustenance you must enter into a profession. But in this competitive world always get into a right profession according to your liking is not always possible. But if you try your best towards a particular goal and stick to it for a long time, you may achieve your success or target oriented result. So at first you must be confirmed about your goal according to your capacity and economic capability. There are various people who have their different goals and ambitions. They begin to look for a profession according to their ambitions particularly where they feel themselves ease and comfortable. Heavy vehicle driving and truck driving is a profession where people are showing their interest in the present day. As the reason of this trend good salary package and low labor is supposed. Particularly driving a heavy vehicle requires low labor and offers good salary package when a heavy vehicle driver gets a job in a reputed freight forwarding or shipment company. 


In Australia heavy vehicle and truck driving is emerging as one of the sought after jobs. Many people are trying to find their career in these jobs. To meet this increasing demand many Heavy Vehicle Driving School have been set up in Australia. People go there to learn driving vehicles and finally bag heavy vehicle licences or truck driver licences to start their career in this profession. And then they are trying to start off with a freight forwarding company with a good salary package. But the problem arises from here. If most of the drivers like to find their careers in reputed logistic companies, taking their heavy vehicle licence or truck driver licence, it become quite impossible for the companies to offer jobs all of them. So they take tests of the eligible candidates.  


But to enter into the test you must hold a valid or legitimate truck driver licence or heavy vehicle licence and should have heavy vehicle driver training under CBA system and assessment.


Heavy Vehicle Licences that fall under CBA Assessment and System are:

LR (Light Rigid Licence)

MR (Medium Rigid Licence)

HR (Heavy Rigid Licence)

HC (Heavy Combination Licence)


So you must get any one of those from an approved or affiliated heavy vehicle driving school to make sure your jobs in your preferred category.


The logistics and transportation companies generally take test on the following areas:

•          Driving Skills

•          Practical and theoretical tests on road rules

•          How to safe driving

•          Manoeuvres

•          Drive in Traffic

•          Drive in Open Road   

•          Load restraints

•          Driving test on heavy vehicles loaded up to 80% of capacity


But to match all these requirements and specific tests, you must be trained under a certified driving instructor from an affiliated heavy vehicle driving school. To meet all these requirements easily, you can find New Teach Driving School as an ideal heavy vehicle driving school. Get your licence and training easily and start your career in a good company as a safe driver.