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Choosing the Entrance Gate for Your Home Rightly

News   •   Dec 02, 2011 12:21 IST

A home is your personal reside where you get to spend some cozy moments with your family and loved ones after a long and tiring day. As you feel at comfort in your home, is it not necessary that you have proper safety and security measures at the entrance that will protect you and your family from outsiders and strangers? Surely everyone loves their privacy and you will want it too. This is where a good gating system is the best help to depend on and keep unwanted hazards at bay.


In modern times, you will find a wide variety of gate accessories in the market, but the most prominently used entrance gates that are opted by maximum number of people for the security of their home are mounted gate and pressure gate which can be stated as the rivalry between safety and simplicity. Here in this article we will be discussing and exploring the pros and cons of these entrance gates to help you conclude and decide better before finalizing your choice.

 The advantages and disadvantages of mounted gate

Talking about the benefits of this gate system, it can be stated that with help of a mounted gate, you can be quite sure about the safety and security of your home. Moreover, the gate can be extended and expanded in width and height as per your need and requirement. But on the other hand, there are some disadvantages of this entrance gate which you need to consider too. This gate is not mobile or portable and thus needs a lot of screws and bolts to have it held to the wall frame. Moreover, if you opt for expansion in height and width in this gate, the swinging section will not fall in the middle of the gate.

 The advantages and disadvantages of pressure gate

 This is another prominent type of entrance gates that is much opted by people for its simplicity. With no screws and bolts to attach, the pressure gates are mostly provided with a center swing door. Unlike the mounted gates, these gate accessories can be expanded from both sides and also carried to anyplace easily and effectively, thus making it a better choice with easy installation process. But naturally, it also has its disadvantages along with the pros that you need to accept. Not being as strong as mounted gates, pressure gate lacks behind in security issue as it can be expanded in width by 5 inches at the maximum.

 Apart from these two prime entrance gates to choose from, there are many more options to bank on such as electronic gate, automatic gate, free standing gates and lots more. To add more beauty to your gate and make it attractive and eye catchy, there are various gate accessories available in the market in cost effective prices. If you are in search for some good fencing contractors to choose from who will ensure the security for your home from outside hassles, know that a search through internet can be the best solution. You will get the names of many fencing contractors within minutes to select from in accordance to your budget, requirement and convenience.