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Drug Delivery Technology Market by Route of Administration Forecast to 2020 Now Available at iData Insights

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growing at a CAGR of 7.5% from 2015 to 2020. The market is categorized on the basis of route of administration, end user, and region. The route of administration market is further segmented into oral, pulmonary, ocular, nasal, topical, injectable, implantable and transmucosal drug delivery technology. The topical drug delivery technology market segment is expected to witness the highest CAGR in the forecast period. Factors such as rising incidences of chronic diseases, growth of the biologics market, and innovation and technological advancements, are driving the growth of the drug delivery technology market. In addition, emphasis on innovation for improving the delivery of drugs is also contributing to the growth of the market. For instance, in February 2015, Sanofi and Mankind Corporation (U.S.) collaborated to launch Afrezza (insulin human) Inhalation Powder, inhalable insulin. This launch enabled the company to strengthen its product portfolio in nasal drug delivery. Such innovations are fueling the growth of the market. Asia is expected to be the fastest-growing region in the market. High growth in this market can be attributed to the increased population, rising prevalence of chronic diseases in the emerging markets, and existence of unmet medical needs. Apart from comprehensive geographic and product analysis and market sizing, the report also provides a competitive landscape that covers the growth strategies adopted by industry players over the last three years. In addition, the company profiles comprise basic views on key players in the market and product portfolios, developments, and strategies adopted by market players to maintain and increase their market shares in the near future. The above-mentioned market research data, current market size, and forecast of future trends will help key players and new entrants to make the necessary decisions regarding product offerings, geographical focus, change in strategic approach, R&D investments for innovations in products and technologies, and levels of output in order to remain successful.

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Table of Contents Creams Gels Ointments Pastes Lotions

6.7.3 Solid Topical Drug Delivery Suppositories Powders

6.7.4 Transdermal Drug Delivery Transdermal Patches Transdermal Gels

6.8 Implantable Drug Delivery

6.8.1 Active Implantable Drug Delivery

6.8.2 Passive Implantable Drug Delivery

6.9 Transmucosal Drug Delivery

6.9.1 Oral Transmucosal Drug Delivery Buccal Drug Delivery Sublingual Drug Delivery

6.9.2 Other Transmucosal Drug Delivery Rectal Transmucosal Drug Delivery Vaginal Transmucosal Drug Delivery

7 Drug Delivery Technology Market, By End User (Page No. - 137)

7.1 Introduction

7.2 Hospitals

7.3 Home Care Settings

7.4 Ambulatory Surgical Centers/Clinics

7.5 Diagnostic Centers

7.6 Other End Users

8 Drug Delivery Technology Market, By Region (Page No. - 145)

8.1 Introduction

8.2 North America

8.2.1 U.S.

8.2.2 Canada

8.3 Europe

8.4 Asia

8.5 Rest of the World

9 Competitive Landscape (Page No. - 163)

9.1 Overview

9.2 Market Share Analysis

9.3 Competitive Situations & Trends

9.3.1 New Product Launches & Approvals

9.3.2 Partnerships, Agreements, and Collaborations

9.3.3 Acquisitions

9.3.4 Expansions

10 Company Profiles (Page No. - 171)

(Overview, Financials, Products & Services, Strategy, & Developments)*

10.1 Introduction

10.2 Bayer AG

10.3 Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc.

10.4 Novartis AG

10.5 Pfizer, Inc.

10.6 F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.

10.7 3M Company

10.8 Antares Pharma, Inc.

10.9 Glaxosmithkline PLC

10.10 Merck & Co., Inc.

10.11 Sanofi

*Details on Financials, Product & Services, Strategy, & Developments Might Not Be Captured in Case of Unlisted Companies.

11 Appendix (Page No. - 222)

11.1 Insights From Industry Experts

11.2 Discussion Guide

11.3 Other Developments, 20122015

11.4 Available Customizations

11.5 RT: Real-Time Market Intelligence

11.6 Related Reports

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