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 There are a wide range of ENT devices available in the market including endoscopes, hearing screening devices, powered surgical instruments, hearing aids, hearing implants, handheld surgical instruments, balloon sinus dilation devices, CO2 lasers, image-guided surgery systems, ear tubes, nasal and otological (ear) packing material, and voice prosthesis devices. The global ENT devices market is expected to reach USD 14,001 Million by 2020 from USD 9,595 Million in 2015, at a CAGR of 6.5% during the forecast period. Growth in ENT Devices market is mainly driven by the high prevalence of chronic sinusitis, rising geriatric population, favorable reimbursement scenario for ENT procedures in developed countries, rising adoption of minimally invasive ENT procedures, increasing presence of prominent players in the ENT devices market, and technological advancements. In addition the growing adoption of surgical instruments and techniques that are minimally invasive and more accurate than the conventional methods is a key market trend that will drive the ENT devices market during the forecast period. However, changes in the reimbursement policy for Tracheoesophageal Voice Prosthesis (TEP) devices in the U.S., high cost of CO2 lasers, and high cost and lack of reimbursement for hearing aids are factors that are likely to restrict the growth of ENT Devices market. Chronic sinusitis is one of the top 10 medical conditions and contributes around USD 8.6 Billion of direct healthcare cost in the U.S. According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in the U.S., about 12.1% of the adult population or 28.5 Million people are suffering from chronic sinusitis, making it more prevailing than diabetes and asthma. This high prevalence of chronic sinusitis is driving the demand for ENT treatments such as endoscopic sinus surgeries, functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS), and balloon sinus dilation. Thus, growing prevalence of sinusitis is expected to propel the growth of ENT devices market. ENT Devices Market report is a comprehensive study of current market trends in the market, industry growth drivers, and restraints. These markets are analyzed at regional level to provide exhaustive market analysis for the years 2013, 2014, 2015 and forecast to 2020. Each market is comprehensively analyzed at a granular level by geography (North America, Europe, Asia and Rest of the World) to provide in depth on the global scenario. The ENT Devices market is a highly competitive market with several big as well as emerging players striving to secure a larger market share. In addition, each product segment has different set of vendors. Prominent players in the ENT devices market include Medtronic plc (Ireland), Olympus Corporation (Japan), KARLSTORZ GmbH & Co (Germany), Stryker Corporation (U.S.), Smith & Nephew plc (U.K.), Acclarent, Inc. (U.S.), Hoya Corporation (Japan), Sonova Holdings AG (Switzerland), William Demant Holdings A/S (Denmark), and Cochlear Limited (Australia).

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Table of Contents

1 Introduction (Page No. - 18)

1.1 Objectives of the Study

1.2 ENT devices Market Definition

1.3 ENT devices Market Scope

1.3.1 Markets Covered

1.3.2 Years Considered for the Study

1.4 Currency

1.5 Limitations

1.6 Stakeholders

2 Research Methodology (Page No. - 22)

2.1 ENT devices Market Size Estimation

2.2 Market Breakdown and Data Triangulation

2.3 Key Industry Insights

2.4 Assumptions

3 Executive Summary (Page No. - 30

4 Premium Insights (Page No. - 36)

4.1 ENT Devices Market Overview

4.2 ENT Devices Market, By Product

4.3 ENT Devices Market, By End User

4.4 Flexible Endoscopes Market, By Type

4.5 Handheld ENT Devices Market, By Type

4.6 ENT Devices Market: Geographic Snapshot

5 Market Overview (Page No. - 42)

5.1 Introduction

5.2 ENT Devices Market Segmentation

5.2.1 By Product

5.2.2 By End User

5.2.3 By Region

5.3 ENT Devices Market Dynamics

5.3.1 ENT Devices Market Drivers High Prevalence of Chronic Sinusitis Rapidly Growing Aging Population Favorable Reimbursement Scenario for ENT Procedures in Developed Countries Growing Adoption of Minimally Invasive ENT Procedures Increasing Presence of Prominent Players in the ENT Devices Market Technological Advancements

5.3.2 ENT Devices Market Restraints Change in Reimbursement Policy for Tep Devices in the U.S. High Cost of C02 Lasers High Cost & Lack of Reimbursement for Hearing Aids

5.3.3 ENT Devices Market Opportunities High Demand for Cosmetic ENT Procedures Emerging Economies

5.3.4 ENT Devices Market Challenges Survival of Small Players Dearth of Skilled Otolaryngologists

6 ENT Devices Market, By Product (Page No. - 54)

6.1 Introduction

6.2 Diagnostic Devices

6.2.1 Endoscopes Rigid Endoscopes Otoscopes Sinuscopes Flexible Endoscopes Rhinoscopes Laryngoscopes Pharyngoscopes Nasopharyngoscopes

6.2.2 Hearing Screening Devices

6.3 Surgical Devices

6.3.1 Powered Surgical Instruments

6.3.2 Radiofrequency (RF) Handpieces

6.3.3 Handheld Instruments Rhinology Instruments Otology Instruments Laryngeal Instruments Head and Neck Surgery Instruments Other Handheld Instruments

6.3.4 Balloon Sinus Dilation Devices

6.3.5 ENT Supplies Packing Material Nasal Stents & Splints

6.3.6 Ear Tubes

6.3.7 Voice Prosthesis Devices

6.4 Hearing Aids

6.5 Hearing Implants

6.6 Co2 Lasers

6.7 Image-Guided Surgery Systems

7 ENT Devices Market, By End User (Page No. - 119)

7.1 Introduction

7.1.1 Home Use

7.1.2 Hospitals

7.1.3 Ambulatory Settings

7.1.4 ENT Clinics

8 ENT Devices Market, By Region (Page No. - 129)

8.1 Introduction

8.2 North America ENT Devices Market

8.2.1 U.S.

8.2.2 Canada

8.3 Europe ENT Devices Market

8.3.1 Germany

8.3.2 U.K.

8.3.3 France

8.3.4 Rest of Europe (RoE)

8.4 Asia ENT Devices Market

8.5 Rest of the World (RoW) ENT Devices Market

9 Competitive Landscape (Page No. - 180)

9.1 Overview

9.2 Competitive Situations and Trends

9.2.1 New Product Launches and Approvals

9.2.2 Acquisitions

9.2.3 Partnerships, Agreements, and Collaborations

9.2.4 Expansion

10 Company Profiles (Page No. - 186)

10.1 Introduction

10.2 Karl Storz Gmbh & Co. Kg

10.2.1 Business Overview

10.2.2 Products Offered

10.2.3 Recent Developments

10.2.4 MnM View

10.3 Medtronic PLC

10.3.1 Business Overview

10.3.2 Products Offered

10.3.3 Recent Developments

10.3.4 MnM View

10.4 Stryker Corporation

10.4.1 Business Overview

10.4.2 Products Offered

10.4.3 Recent Developments

10.4.4 MnM View

10.5 Smith & Nephew PLC

10.5.1 Business Overview

10.5.2 Products Offered

10.5.3 Recent Developments

10.5.4 MnM View

10.6 Olympus Corporation

10.6.1 Business Overview

10.6.2 Products Offered

10.6.3 Recent Developments

10.6.4 MnM View

10.7 Acclarent, Inc. (A Subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson)

10.7.1 Business Overview

10.7.2 Products Offered

10.7.3 Recent Developments

10.8 Cochlear Limited

10.8.1 Business Overview

10.8.2 Products Offered

10.8.3 Recent Developments

10.9 Hoya Corporation

10.9.1 Business Overview

10.9.2 Products Offered

10.9.3 Recent Developments

10.10 Sonova Holding AG

10.10.1 Business Overview

10.10.2 Products Offered

10.10.3 Recent Developments

10.11 William Demant Holding A/S

10.11.1 Business Overview

10.11.2 Products Offered

10.11.3 Recent Developments

11 Appendix (Page No. - 232)

11.1 Insights From Industry Experts

11.2 Discussion Guide

11.3 Other Developments

11.4 Introducing RT: Real-Time Market Intelligence

11.5 Available Customization

11.6 Related Reports

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