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Follow Type 2 Diabetes Diet Plan to Keep You Balanced for a Long

News   •   Jul 27, 2012 13:16 IST

Health is wealth. You must agree that almost all of us like to be healthy. As the precondition of it which appears before us are healthy diets. But if you are a patient of diabetes, it is must for you. If you are a patient of Type 2 diabetes, getting a healthy heart is extremely important for you. You can’t get healthy heart, unless you have type 2 diabetes diets with a medically planned healthy diabetes diet plan. You should know that type 2 diabetes increases the risk of cardiac arrest, blood pressure, cognitive deficits and vision problems. If you are getting fattier or overweight or struggling to keep your blood sugar under control, you need to follow a symmetrical and medically approved diabetes meal plan. This plan focuses on lower the weight with a nutritionally balanced food of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. If you follow diabetes diet plan on a regular basis, you can lose weight at least a pound in a week.


As the part of this planning, arrange your square meals as you take them consecutively in a day.

Arrange them in the following order:





Type 2 diabetes diet for breakfast

At our breakfast we take carbohydrates foods like Fruit, Starchy vegetables, milk and yogurt, bread, cereal, rice, and pasta. We must be careful at the time of consuming them. We should count the amount of total carbohydrates intake in a day that must not cross 220 grams. You have to count your intake calories side by side that should not cross 1,600 calories.  As they play an important role to control your blood sugar, get your breakfast as fast as you can get up from bed. They help you avoid low glucose levels in the body. Now you can break your breakfast into two steps to avoid underlining risk of more carbohydrate intake at a time.

Breakfast meal 1

You can take 3 quarters of a cup of cereal added with sliced fruit like strawberries (4 to 5 pieces) and apples (4 to 5 small slices). You can take fiber flakes or a cup of low - fat milk.

Breakfast meal 2

In this step you can take one or two slices of whole wheat bread with one or teaspoon of peanut butter. It is better to not use sugar. You take a banana or glass of herbal tea with no sugar.

Type 1 lunch

You can take a soup made up from green bananas, tomatoes, onions, corn, spinach and green beans. You can include high fiber crackers and a piece of fruit in your lunch.  Sandwich made up of 2 slice of wheat bread with two ounces of turkey and an ounce of low - fat cheese can be taken.

A piece of fruit

Type 2 lunch

You can take a cup of steamed broccoli. Pita pocket filled with mustard tomatoes and roast beef can also be taken.


As your diner you can concentrate on light and healthy protein. You can find the mentioned nutrients by eating lean meats, poultry or fish.


Do the following as your diabetes treatment:


•             Drink more water

•             Increase the portion size of each meal and snack by about 10% for a few days, and then slowly reduce it if you can.

•             You can have extra servings of allowed fruits.

•             Cut up allowable vegetables into sticks or chunks, such as celery, carrot and capsicum, keep them in the fridge, and munch on them when you get hungry.

•             You can have a glass of butter milk.

•             You can have a handful of soya nuts.


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