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Get a Responsible Truck Driving School to Make You a Professional Truck Driver

News   •   Jul 17, 2012 14:13 IST

A trend of being a truck driver is found among many Australian teenagers. With the sustainable development and rapid growth in shipment industry, many new freight forwarding or logistics companies have emerged. They give people good salary packages and chances of visiting many places at a same time. This is supposed as the main cause of people’s liking for this type of job. To set them in this track they look to get driving lessons from a reputed driving school where they can get best lessons and easily bag truck driver licence at their first attempt. Due to the upward trend of competition companies also trying to get the best candidate. Most of the reputed companies take both practical and theoretical tests. So unless you get your lesson from a reputed intuition, you can’t beat your competitors in the tests. Before jump at selecting a truck driving school, you must know all about it and if they have specialty in the areas you are going to be trained.

In Australia there are many truck driving schools that provide potential trainings to the truck drivers. But all of them are not up-to-the-mark to make you ready for important tests taken by companies. A good institution provides you state-of-the-art driving lessons and various types of valid licenses apt for almost all of trucks available on Australian roads.

Different specific types of licenses that have been ensured for trucks by all States and Territories in Australia are:

LR (Light Rigid Licence)

MR (Medium Rigid Licence)

HR (Heavy Rigid Licence)

HC (Heavy Combination Licence)

Light Rigid Licence – With this licence you are permitted to drive any motor vehicle more than 4.5 tonnes GVM, but not greater than 8 tonnes.

Medium Rigid Licence – This type of licence will permit you drive any motor vehicle with 2 axles and greater than 8 tonnes GVM.

Heavy Rigid Licence – Once you bag this licence will allow you drive any motor vehicle with 3 or more axles and a GVM of greater than 8 tonnes.

Heavy Combination Licence – This type of licence allows you drive any semi-trailer or rigid vehicle towing a trailer with a GVM of greater than 9 tonnes

Multi Combination – This type of licence allows you drive any type of truck.

So you can choose the area of your learning according to your choice and the demand of the day. Besides, there are some rules that drivers must follow while driving on the road of Australia. If you drive trucks, heavy vehicles and trailer more than 12 tones, you must take rest for 30 minutes after every 5 hours of driving. You need a profound sleep for 10 hours after driving for 14 hours at a stretch. Similarly a driver must undergo 24 hours of sleep after every 72 hours.

Now if you are looking for a career in driving with a responsible driving school in Australia, you can get started with New Teach Driving School, one of the reputed truck driving schools in Sydney. You will hardly find such a responsible school to set at your profession and it sticks to you until you become a professional in this profession.