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How Britain Shops for Footwear | Verdict Consumer Report Is Released

News   •   Feb 01, 2016 16:12 IST

Summary At 60.8%, footwear ranks in 11th place for conversion against all other retail sectors, and 4.2 percentage points behind clothing. Footwear conversion stands at almost 30 percentage points lower than food and grocery, despite the extensive choice and availability of footwear on offer due to retailer expansion. Key Findings - Use retailer ratings across eight key metrics to benchmark the performance of retailers in the footwear market - Identify what factors footwear shoppers find important, and how well retailers satisfy the expectations of their shoppers - Understand what channels shoppers are using to make purchases and see how this varies across regions and demographics to improve customer targeting Synopsis Quality is the top driver of footwear purchases among shoppers, rated at 8.7 out of 10 - 0.1 and 0.2 points above value for money and price. Consumers remain demanding of footwear retailers, and as disposable incomes increase, shoppers are striving for value for money, wanting to invest in quality footwear that will last longer. Females account for 53.6% of footwear shoppers in 2015, while footwear penetration among females is 78.0% - 13.5 percentage points higher than males. Women's footwear is highly fashion-led, with far wider product ranges, increased newness and outfit building helping to boost shopper numbers and drive the overall footwear market. Just 7.9% of British footwear shoppers make purchases more than once a month, in contrast to 36.4% of clothing shoppers. While clothing players have become proficient at incorporating key catwalk trends to offer newness on a regular basis, footwear retailers still need to widen their ranges and introduce new styles more frequently to drive spend. Reasons?To?Buy - Which footwear retailers have the highest share of visitors and purchasers? Which retailer has the highest conversion rate in footwear? - How many other stores do your shoppers use for footwear? - What percentage of British shoppers aged 16+ shop for footwear? - How often do footwear shoppers shop for footwear? - How much better off do footwear shoppers feel in comparison to last year? And how much are they spending compared to last year??.

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Table of Contents

2 Main Conclusions

2.1 Over a quarter of footwear shoppers are spending more compared to last year

2.2 Female shoppers drive the footwear market

2.3 65+s account for 20% of footwear shoppers

2.4 Regular newness key to increasing frequency of footwear purchases

2.5 Footwear shoppers slow to embrace online

2.6 Footwear retailers must increase shopper engagement with click and collect

2.7 Sports Direct ranks top for conversion

2.8 Quality is key driver of footwear purchases, and Clarks must emphasise its credentials

2.9 Amazon impresses with online shopping experience

2.1 Primark's value position fails to make up for service and quality issues

3 Sector Analysis

3.1 Sector summary

3.1.1 Footwear is the third most shopped retail sector in Britain

3.2 Shopping frequency

3.2.1 Female footwear shoppers purchase more regularly than males

3.3 Channel spend

3.3.1 45 % of footwear shoppers have bought footwear online in the past year

3.4 Penetration of shoppers

3.4.1 Footwear penetration lowest among males and 65+s

3.5 Conversion

3.5.1 Footwear ranks 11th for conversion

3.6 Shopping around

3.6.1 Shopping around much lower in footwear compared to clothing

4 Retailer Ratings

4.1 Importance of shopping drivers

4.1.1 Footwear shoppers value quality, and care less about online experience

4.2 Retailer ratings

4.2.1 Amazon scores top marks for range and value for money

5 Methodology

5.1 Access to additional data

6 Appendix

6.1 About Verdict Retail

6.2 Disclaime

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