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How Britain Shops for Furniture and Floorcoverings | Verdict Consumer Report Is Released

News   •   Feb 01, 2016 16:05 IST

Summary How Britain Shops Furniture and Floor coverings is part of Verdict's How Britain Shops series, which surveys 12,000 shoppers online to gauge how the nation shops across 12 different retail sectors. Data from the survey is broken down demographically and regionally to provide retailers with a clear understanding of what is important to its customers, providing it with a competitive edge. Key Findings - Use retailer ratings across eight key metrics to benchmark the performance of retailers in the electrical market - Understand what channels shoppers are using to make purchases and see how this varies across regions and demographics to improve customer targeting - Identify what factors furniture and floor coverings shoppers find important, and how well retailers satisfy the expectations of their shoppers Synopsis As with homewares, women make up the majority of furniture and floor coverings shoppers and have the deepest penetration. This illustrates that women have a greater influence for home related purchases. While current advertising campaigns do appeal to women, they could be enhanced if the focus of the message shifted towards design rather than price. Of all measured sectors, service was the most important in furniture and floor coverings, due in part to its big ticket nature and the greater customization available. However, many retailers are falling short of customer expectations. Online has been the focus for many retailers in this sector as it is underdeveloped but stores can not be neglected. With its low prices and innovative products, IKEA has come top for value for money. Its vast stores, which cover many sectors, help it come top for range as well. However, delivery remains problematic, coming bottom of profiled retailers and falling below how important customers rate it by 0.6 points. Its click and collect trial should remedy this. Reasons?To?Buy - How much better off do furniture and floor coverings shoppers feel in comparison to last year? - Which furniture and floor coverings retailers have the highest share of visitors and purchasers? - How many other stores do your shoppers use for furniture and floor coverings??.

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Table of Contents

2 Main Conclusions

2.1 Women make up the majority of furniture and floorcoverings shoppers

2.2 More shoppers bought online for home delivery than instore

2.3 Argos and IKEA are the most visited stores for furniture

2.4 Conversion is highest at IKEA

2.5 Compared to other sectors, service is the most important in furniture

2.6 Despite its importance, work still needs to be done to match service expectations

2.7 John Lewis's more premium offer resonates with shoppers

2.8 IKEA leads the way for value for money and range

2.9 Next needs to focus on better communicating its value

3 Sector Analysis

3.1 Sector summary

3.1.1 Women make up the majority of furniture shoppers

3.2 Shopping frequency

3.2.1 London is above average for more frequent purchases

3.3 Channel spend

3.3.1 Customers are becoming increasingly comfortable about buying online

3.4 Penetration of shoppers

3.4.1 One in three women have bought furniture and floorcoverings in the last 12 months

3.5 Conversion

3.5.1 Pre-purchase research impacts performance

3.6 Shopping around

3.6.1 Furniture and floorcoverings had second lowest number of stores visited

4 Retailer Ratings

4.1 Importance of shopping drivers

4.1.1 Quality and value pivotal for such large ticket items

4.2 Retailer ratings

4.2.1 Jon Lewis comes top in four sectors

5 Methodology

5.1 Access to additional data

6 Appendix

6.1 About Verdict Retail

6.2 Disclaimer

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