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How Britain Shops for Health and Beauty | Verdict Consumer Report Is Released

News   •   Feb 01, 2016 15:37 IST

Summary 21.6% of health and beauty shoppers are aged 65+; however, health and beauty penetration among 65+s is the second lowest after the 16-24 age group, at 65.5% compared to 35-44s at 70.4% - the highest of all age groups. Retailers must drive more regular spend from mature shoppers, with 55+s conducting a health and beauty shop once every few months, compared to 25-34s and 35-44s who shop more often. Key Findings - Use retailer ratings across eight key metrics to benchmark the performance of retailers in the health and beauty market - Identify what factors health and beauty shoppers find important, and how well retailers satisfy the expectations of their shoppers - Understand what channels shoppers are using to make purchases and see how this varies across regions and demographics to improve customer targeting Synopsis 25.2% of health and beauty shoppers feel better off in 2015 compared to last year, and as a result 26.8% feel they are spending more. This has enabled health and beauty retailers to premiumise their offers, as willingness to spend is increasing and shoppers are becoming more easily encouraged to buy into newness of non-essentials more regularly. Only 47.3% of Superdrug's visitors are frequent shoppers, causing its shopping around score to be high compared to rivals Tesco, Boots, and Asda. Superdrug needs to invest in new creative products to stand out among its value and midmarket competitors and drive additional spend from experimental shoppers. 52.4% of shoppers visit Boots for health and beauty products, a 24.1 percentage point lead ahead of the second most visited retailer, Tesco. However, when looking at frequent shoppers, Tesco outshines, with 63.5% of consumers shopping frequently with the grocer compared to 60.7% at Boots. Reasons?To?Buy - Which health and beauty retailers have the highest share of visitors and purchasers? Which retailer has the highest conversion rate in health and beauty? - How many other stores do your shoppers use for health and beauty? - How often do health and beauty shoppers shop for health and beauty? - How much better off do health and beauty shoppers feel in comparison to last year? And how much are they spending compared to last year???.

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Table of Contents

2 Main Conclusions

2.1 Health and beauty shoppers are feeling better off financially, aiding premiumisation in the sector

2.2 Potential for health and beauty players to increase frequency usage among males

2.3 65+s are an underserved but lucrative consumer segment

2.4 32.4% of shoppers buy online for health and beauty and have goods delivered

2.5 Boots must drive visitor frequency through investing in convenience

2.6 Superdrug must improve its own label offer to encourage shopper loyalty

2.7 While Aldi and Poundland win on price, low quality scores result in customers shopping around

3 Sector Analysis

3.1 Sector summary

3.1.1 Over 25% of shoppers feel better off, leading to almost 27% feeling they spend more

3.2 Shopping frequency

3.2.1 Retailers must drive shopping trip frequency among males and 65+s

3.3 Channel spend

3.3.1 Immediate needs sector leads to wide gap between store and online purchasing

3.4 Penetration of shoppers

3.4.1 While Boots draws in more visitors, Tesco outshines in frequency shopper numbers

3.5 Conversion

3.5.1 Body Shop has the lowest conversion, with low scores in price, convenience instore and value

3.6 Shopping around

3.6.1 Boots' Advantage Card and wide product choice result in its customers shopping around the least

4 Retailer Ratings

4.1 Importance of shopping drivers

4.1.1 Value for money ranks most important

4.2 Retailer ratings

4.2.1 Body Shop ranks highest for customer service so must better promote its services to shoppers

5 Methodology

5.1 Access to additional data

6 Appendix

6.1 About Verdict Retail

6.2 Disclaimer

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