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How to Be a Safe Driver in Australia?

News   •   Aug 07, 2012 12:42 IST

If we take a continuous look at newspapers, we get to see a lot of accidents taking place in Australia. As main causes of these accidents what we get are reckless driving, lack of proper training and inadequate knowledge in traffic rules and laws. Besides, as the teenagers have start driving trucks and heavy vehicles without any regular knowledge, just getting a license from any organization against some fair amount of money, the incidents of many accidents are taking place regularly.  So to cope with the situation some hard and fast rules have been enacted to make sure safe driving. As a driver needs to know all these rules and regulations to drive car safely, he is given a driving license as the mark of the awareness of these.


Now take a look at what do you need to know to be safe driver in Australia:

  • You need to take essential divining lesson and education from an authorized driving school in Australlia.
  • You need to take specialized training required for driving specialized vehicles.
  • You need to take training from certified driving Instructors specially who has certification from ADTA (Australian Driver Trainers Association)
  • You must obey traffic rules.
  • You must hold a valid driving license.
  • You must take rest after a continuous driving.
  • You must take career oriented driving lessons.
  • You must be confident in your specialized field.
  • You should have knowledge on right lane please, speed limits, distance formula.
  • You should either stop and move away the vehicle from the emergency vehicle lane or just pull over it if you get any emergency signals.



Now let me highlight on some important aspects already mentioned above:

Right Lane Please: This helps a driver driving righteously where you need to keep your car in the corner of the road and not at the middle section.

Speed Limits: Here you need to know interstate highway speed limit that, in general, should not be more than 75 miles per hour.  

Driver’s working Hours:  In Australia a truck driver or a driver of truck and trailer combination with a gross vehicle mass greater than 12 tonnes must take rest for 30 minutes after every 5 hours. He must stop to take rest for 10 hours after every 14 hours of work. After 72 working hours a truck driver must spend 24 hours away from his/her vehicle.

What to do at the time of Emergency signals  

If you want to be a safe driver, you must know emergency signals. It is more than light flashing. If such things happen at your lane you either stop and move away from it or just pull over and let the vehicle pass.


To make the learners aware of all these rules many reputed driving schools have emerged in Australia. Some of them gained popularity with pace of time by dint of their steadfast commitment, flawless training, and career oriented lesson. New Tech Driving School is the most significant among these driving schools in Australia. It ensures 'Fair go for safe drivers'. Get started with it to learn how to drive safely.