James Michel

Net App Flexpod – The ANS Advantage

News   •   Jul 16, 2013 18:31 IST

Flexpod consultancy solutions never looked any better
London, UK – July 15th, 2013: ANS' experience in the flexpod net app deployments is simply unrivalled in the United Kingdom; ANS has deployed more FlexPod Cisco Netapp solutions than any of the other companies present.

The company has no less than four thousand days of FlexPod consultancy under its belt. The data centere design for Flexpod basically use a rich combination of Cisco Nexus switches, Netapp storeage, Cisco UCS, and& VMware virtualization in a standardized architecture which is validated by Netapp, Cisco, and& Vmware.

Simply by unifying the components of data centers, the flex pod netapp design enables organizations to increase on their efficiency of the IT network. Nexus switches offer the best processing power required for running a FlexPod data centre, while the Cisco UCS unifies separate components & provides reduced as well simplified points of management for the data centres.

The nice combination of NetApp Flexpod and& VMware also allows offering a certain state-of-the-art business continuity system, with ‘simple restoration procedures and REAL TIME replication of the environment. This simply suggests that during situations of disaster, the network can well be restored much quicker and in an effortless way to ensure complete continuation of business operations.

About the company: ANS is the Flexpod NetApp partner of the year as well as VMware GBC (Global Business Continuity) partner of the Year and& also the City of Manchester business of the Year. The company was established in 1996. Since then, it has grown up in becoming a leading cloud expert in London and Manchester. The company specializes in providing the very best of manager computer services as well storage and & network infrastructures that can be built on-premise or even offered as some sort of cloud based solution in the company data centers. Since 2009, the company has experienced a massive 80% growth annually. Presently, it enjoys an annual turnover around £47m!
Visit more sites:-http://www.ansgroup.co.uk/flexpod