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Procurement, Installation, Configuration and Training of Vehicle Fleet Tracking Solution/System

News   •   Dec 30, 2015 15:19 IST

World Vision Ethiopia (WVE) has invited bids from eligible consultants who can provide consultancy services for PROCUREMENT, INSTALLATION, and CONFIGURATION AND TRAINING OF VEHICLE FLEET TRACKING SOLUTION/SYSTEM

(VFTS). Sources from Tendersontime, a leading information provider of Public Procurement Information has informed the media.

The complete set of the bidding document containing Terms of Reference (TOR) can be collected by eligible bidders from WVE office during working hours. Below are the few eligibity criterion which a consultant has to meet:

1. The consultancy firm should have experience and capabilities in planning, building and hosting corporate web based vehicle fleet tracking solution/system.

2. The consultancy firm should have a statement of qualifications of stalls in VFTS implementation, including resumes ol all principals to be involved in the delivery, installation, configuration, testing, development and training of the VFTS with their respective roles and responsibilities. Note that stalls whose profiles are attached in your proposal must be available during VFTS implementation. Please don't attached any stall profile which is not relevant to this project as well as could not be available by the time of implementation.

3. The consultancy firm should have a cost break down structure by major components of the VFTS delivery such as Hardware and Software cost including Web application: installation, configuration, testing and deployment costs; training costs; licensing/upgrading costs, after sales support costs. etc

4. The consultancy firm should have samples showing VFTS reports. project management practices. documentations and standards and tools.

5. The consultancy firm should have attached at but three testimonials from past clients on implementing vehicle fleet tracking solution/system, Moreover, it should provide list of at least three companies that are using its vehicle fleet tracking solution/system by stating their Name, Location, Email and phone address. contact person. by when vendor implemented the solution. List of modules/packages implemented in these companies and if need willing to arrange onsite visit upon request. The consultancy firm should have a list of VFTS projects portfolio's' delivered/developed by the provider.

6. The consultancy firm should have at least three years hands on experience specific to delivering VFTS and should have successfully completed at least three VFTS delivery projects.

7. The VFTS provider must be willing to give presentations on the solution, demonstrate its solution, arrange site visit and also give details of its customers who implemented the solution for further checking and collect their feedback.

8. The company should provide TIN, VAT, and business registrations.

Each interested company should submit its sealed Technical and Financial (one copy and original) proposals in two separate envelopes. Please do not include financial proposal in the technical proposal. The document must be delivered to the address above in the bid box prepared for the purpose, at WVE Head Office during working hours (11:30 AM) Tuesday. Electronic and Late Bids will not be accepted. Bid documents must be delivered to the address above before or on january 12, 2015 not later than 11:30 AM; and will be opened on january 12, 2015 at 3:00 PM by procurement committee.

Qualified consultants will be considered based on their responsiveness to the requirements listed in the ToR, technical, and financial evaluation results. Finally the winner will be notified through the firm address. WVE reserve the right to accept or reject all or parts of the bids.

Tendersontime, the world’s largest aggregator of Tenders and Projects information, would like to inform all interested companies, firms, joint ventures and suppliers participating in ICT projects, to use this opportunity and expand their business.

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