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Provision of Consultancy Services for Enterprise Risk Management

News   •   Jan 22, 2016 10:23 IST

The Privatization Commission invites eligible firms to submit proposals for the provision of consultancy services on Enterprise Risk Management. The scope of the assignment entails:

a) Review of the Commission’s enterprise risk management framework whilst:

i. Verifying the continued applicability of the Commission’s identified risks;

ii. Informing the Commission’s risk governance structure vis-a-vis best practices;

iii. Benchmarking the Commission’s ERM framework with ISO 31000 Risk Management Standard or other globally leading risk management standards.

b) Review the Commission Risk Management Charters;

c) Review the Commission’s Business Continuity Plan (including the ICT disaster recovery plan); and

d) Train the Commission members and management on ERM.

Qualifications of firm

The following are the minimum qualifications for the consultant:

1) The Consulting firm must demonstrate that it possesses the knowledge, skills and other competencies needed to perform its responsibilities with due professional care.

2) The firm must have at least five years professional experience in carrying out enterprise risk management and business continuity planning services.

3) The firm must have adequate structure, staffing, facilities and financial standing to provide comprehensive services related to development and execution of the services.

4) The firm must have the requisite technical and professional expertise reflected in the qualifications and experience of the personnel who would be dedicated and available to the Commission.

The tender documents can be inspected free of charge and/or obtained from the Privatization Commission offices 11Th floor, Extelcoms House, Haile Selassie Avenue, upon payment of a non-refundable fee of KShs. 1,000,00 only in cash or Bankers Cheque or be downloaded free of charge from the Commission’s website and treasury supplier portal

TENDER NO.: PC/RFP/03/2015-2016

Tenders must be submitted in plain sealed envelope clearly marked “Consultancy Service on Enterprise Risk Management” and deposited in the Commission’s Tender Box on or before Friday 5‘h February 2016 at 11.00 a.m. Tenders will be opened immediately thereafter on the closing date shown above.

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