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Review of application of Gender Equality and Social lnclusion (GESI), Embassy of Switzerland in Nepal

News   •   Jan 16, 2016 20:54 IST

The Embassy of Switzerland in Nepal has invited proposals from consultancy firms with expertise in Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) to lead the initiative of the Social Inclusion Action Group (SIAG) to review the status and application of Gender Equality and Social Inclusion in Nepal and to prepare the framework leading to seamlessly making operational the concept of GESI.

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The International Development Partner Group (IDPG) under its Social Cluster has SIAG as one of its working groups. SIAG was founded in 2005 to provide strategic advice and support on GESI both to the partners in its development and also to the Government of Nepal. It role is two pronged viz: as a centre for learning and competence and as a mechanism for coordinating between the development partners in social inclusion. The SIAG has been co-chaired by the Embassy of Switzerland and the UN Resident Coordinator's Office since 2012. Multilateral agencies, embassies, development agencies, and Association of the International NGOs, including a management consulting firm are the members of SIAG.

The prime objective of this project is to understand and identify how the government, it development partners and the international NGOs are mainstreaming the application of the concept and approach of GESI in Nepal, analyse the institutional gaps for the mainstreaming, define the desirable framework prepare the roadmap for the effective mainstreaming of GESI.

The selected consultant will be supported strategically by an international GE SI expert to design the methodology and its implementation. The SIAG secretariat (the Embassy of Switzerland) and the executive committee of SIAG will assist and coordinate with the consultant on the operational level. The project is scheduled to begin in March to be completed by May 2016, spread over a period of 30 working days.

For prequalification for this contract, the selected GESI expert should have prior experience of working on GESI issues in Nepal, experience in review and analysis of GESI issues at all levels including policy, development programs and organisations. The consultant must also be familiar with the government and its development partners in Nepal. The details of the terms of reference are available at the Embassy of Switzerland in Nepal.

To establish the credentials and eligibility to qualify for this assignment, the consultant from Nepal will have to submit One (1) page detailing his/her academic qualifications, Two (2) pages elaborating his/her experiences in GESI analysis and publications and two (2) pages on the proposed methodology and organization of tasks to be applied for the assignment. Thus a total of five (5) pages for the above information along with the per day consultancy fees with an updated CV have to be submitted. The dead line for the submission of the proposal is 1700 hours on Friday, 29 January 2016 and to be delivered to Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Switzerland in Nepal

Manbhawan, Lalitpur, Nepal

The result of the proposal selection process will be notified to all applicants by Tuesday, 16th February 2016 from the Embassy. The Embassy reserves the right to cancel the bidding process without giving any reasons.

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