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Some Paper Types That You Can Use to Design Better

News   •   Dec 02, 2011 12:36 IST

Paper is an object that we use every day in various forms such as writing pads, wrapping packages to books that form an indispensable part of our living. But with global warming and other serious concerns growing largely, it is important that we keep a keen eye on the environment to ensure proper balance of the topography in the long run. According to supporters of green revolution, paper products should be recycled and used to avoid excess cutting of trees, which results in hamper of the ecology of the earth’s balance.

Papers come in a wide array of texture and pattern that can be used for different purpose. While some people love to wrap a gift in glittering and splendid looking paper, others like the idea of gifting a handmade textured paper card to their loved ones. If you also love using papers in innovative and unique manners to add your creativity to it, here in this article we will try to find out the different types of papers that you can avail to exhibit your creativity at its best:

The most commonly found paper is the plain one that is commonly used to make notepads, copies and books. Used widely throughout the world, this paper is the most popular and recognized type that can be used for any and every purpose. Later, textured paper was invented when water color was used to add hue and attractiveness to it. As plain paper gets damaged and crumpled easily, gelatin of watercolor was used to give birth to this new paper, but this type failed to gain massive attention as it displayed problems with acid effects. Later, this watercolor paper was reintroduced with use of cotton which became quite popular and is available in a varied of size and shape.

The next type of paper that came into make was the drawing paper which is specially designed for use of graphite and erasure. A little rougher than plain paper, these drawing papers are good in absorbing of colors easily and effectively, thus getting categorized under different types such as charcoal paper, pastel paper, bond paper and many more. If you are in search of a tough drawing paper that does not get ruined easily, the bond paper is the best solution to bank on for all types of drawing needs. Graphic paper is also another strong paper that has an irregular and rough finish. On the other hand, if you are in need of a soft and flexible paper, the print one is the selected one for you. Good for craft works and other handmade works, these papers are hugely manufactured in paper factories. But the most interesting fact about this paper is that each stack is manufactured different from the previous one.

You can even find numerous types of textured papers in the market that are either brightly colored or embodied with motifs and patterns to make it eye catchy and attractive. There are lots of wholesale paper suppliers who can help you get to choose the one of your choice and budget in case of bulk orders.