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The European Car Wash Market | Verdict Trend Report Is Released

News   •   Feb 01, 2016 16:18 IST

Summary In 2014, value of the commercial car wash market across seventeen European countries was ? 6.7bn. In the same year, there were 1.3bn commercial car wash occasions and, on average, each registered vehicle is washed at a commercial site 4.2 times. Key Findings - Make informed investment decisions by understanding the size of the car wash retail market and the nature of the competition within it. - Formulate market share objectives for your company and assess performance using our value data segmented by channel and installation type. - Develop superior strategies to those of your competitors by accessing information on their European operations in the seventeen markets covered. - Identify high growth markets with the potential for increased wash occasions and value. Synopsis Germany is the most valuable car wash market in Europe, at ? 1.8bn in 2014 due to a combination of a high car parc and car wash legislation. German law prevents motorists from washing their vehicles at home, which greatly pushes up the value of the market compared to other European countries. Rollover and jet washes recorded the highest number of wash occasions between 2012 and 2014, as they were the most popular wash installations across Europe. This is because these two wash types take up minimal space on the forecourt, and have low investment costs in comparison to tunnel washes and provide motorists with an appealing low wash price Countries covered in the report: Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and the UK. Reasons?To?Buy - What are the key trends impacting the car wash retail sector, and how do motorists' using car washes behave? - How big is the car wash market, how many washes occur and how many installations are there across the seventeen European Markets? - What are the strategies for success in Europe based on current and future trends, and what do consumers tell us? - Who are the key car wash market competitors in each of the seventeen countries and how are service station retailers performing???.

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Table of Contents

2 Outlook

2.1 Growing vehicle parc increases wash occasions across Europe

2.2 Washes per vehicle grew

2.3 Price reduction strategy used to boost wash occasions&

2.4 & as recessionary habits are hard to shake

2.5 European car wash market worth over ? 6.6bn

2.6 Loyalty key to repeat wash occasions

2.7 Hand wash popularity continues to grow in top five&

2.8 & but jet and rollover remain dominant in the rest of Europe

3 Recommendations

3.1 Loyalty key to repeat wash occasions

3.2 Expand wash installation variety

3.3 Standalone operators should use tunnel to stand out

3.4 Expand installation network

3.5 Invest in hand washes

4 Market Size

4.1 Austria

4.1.1 Total market value

4.1.2 Total wash installations

4.1.3 Total wash occasions

4.1.4 Average car wash cost

4.2 Croatia

4.2.1 Total market value

4.2.2 Total wash installations

4.2.3 Total wash occasions

4.3 Czech Republic

4.3.1 Total market value

4.3.2 Total wash installations

4.3.3 Total wash occasions

4.3.4 SUVs washed more on average than all other vehicle types in 2014

4.4 Europe

4.4.1 Total market value

4.4.2 Total wash installations

4.4.3 Total wash occasions

4.4.4 Average motorist wash occasions

4.5 Finland

4.5.1 Total market value

4.5.2 Total wash installations

4.5.3 Total wash occasions

4.5.4 Average car wash costs

4.6 France

4.6.1 Total market value

4.6.2 Total wash installations

4.6.3 Total wash occasions

4.6.4 Jet wash used most frequently by French motorists

4.6.5 Average wash costs

4.7 Germany

4.7.1 Total market value

4.7.2 Total wash installations

4.7.3 Total wash occasions

4.7.4 Rollover wash used most frequently by German motorists

4.7.5 Average wash costs

4.8 Greece

4.8.1 Total market value

4.8.2 Total wash installations

4.8.3 Total wash occasions

4.9 Italy

4.9.1 Total market value

4.9.2 Total wash installations

4.9.3 Total wash occasions

4.1 Netherlands

4.10.1 Total market value

4.10.2 Total wash installations

4.10.3 Total wash occasions

4.11 Poland

4.11.1 Total market value

4.11.2 Total wash installations

4.11.3 Total wash occasions

4.12 Romania

4.12.1 Total market value

4.12.2 Total wash installations

4.12.3 Total wash occasions

4.12.4 Average car wash costs

4.13 Russia

4.13.1 Total market value

4.13.2 Total wash installations

4.13.3 Total wash occasions

4.14 Slovakia

4.14.1 Total market value

4.14.2 Total wash installations

4.14.3 Total wash occasions

4.15 Spain

4.15.1 Total market value

4.15.2 Total wash installations

4.15.3 Total wash occasions

4.15.4 Average car wash costs

4.16 Sweden

4.16.1 Total market value

4.16.2 Total wash installations

4.16.3 Total wash occasions

4.17 Turkey

4.17.1 Total market value

4.17.2 Total wash installations

4.17.3 Total wash occasions

4.18 UK

4.18.1 Total market value

4.18.2 Total wash installations

4.18.3 Total wash occasions

4.18.4 Average UK motorist car wash costs

5 Channel Shares

5.1 Austria

5.1.1 Total car wash installations

5.1.2 Car wash occasions

5.1.3 Car wash channel value

5.2 Croatia

5.2.1 Total car wash installations

5.2.2 Car wash occasions

5.2.3 Car wash channel value

5.3 Czech Republic

5.3.1 Total car wash installations

5.3.2 Car wash occasions

5.3.3 Average wash occasions per vehicle

5.3.4 Car wash channel value

5.4 Finland

5.4.1 Total car wash installations

5.4.2 Car wash occasions

5.4.3 Car wash channel value

5.5 France

5.5.1 Total car wash installations

5.5.2 Car wash occasions

5.5.3 Wash occasions per vehicle

5.5.4 Car wash channel value

5.6 Germany

5.6.1 Total car wash installations

5.6.2 Car wash occasions

5.6.3 Car wash channel value

5.7 Greece

5.7.1 Total car wash installations

5.7.2 Car wash occasions

5.7.3 Car wash channel value

5.8 Italy

5.8.1 Total car wash installations

5.8.2 Car wash occasions

5.8.3 Wash occasions per vehicle

5.8.4 Car wash channel value

5.9 Netherlands

5.9.1 Total car wash installations

5.9.2 Car wash occasions

5.9.3 Average wash occasions per vehicle

5.9.4 Car wash channel value

5.1 Poland

5.10.1 Total car wash installations

5.10.2 Car wash occasions

5.10.3 Car wash channel value

5.11 Romania

5.11.1 Total car wash installations

5.11.2 Car wash occasions

5.11.3 Average wash occasions per vehicle

5.11.4 Car wash channel value

5.12 Russia

5.12.1 Total car wash installations

5.12.2 Car wash occasions

5.12.3 Car wash channel value

5.13 Slovakia

5.13.1 Total car wash installations

5.13.2 Car wash occasions

5.13.3 Car wash channel value

5.14 Spain

5.14.1 Total car wash installations

5.14.2 Car wash occasions

5.14.3 With 74 million wash occasions, jet washes were the most used in 2014

5.14.4 Wash occasions per vehicle

5.14.5 Car wash channel value

5.15 Sweden

5.15.1 Total car wash installations

5.15.2 Car wash occasions

5.15.3 Average wash occasions per vehicle

5.15.4 Car wash channel value

5.16 Turkey

5.16.1 Total car wash installations

5.16.2 Car wash occasions

5.16.3 Car wash channel value

5.17 UK

5.17.1 Total car wash installations

5.17.2 Car wash occasions

5.17.3 Car wash channel value

6 Sector Trends

6.1 Hand wash popularity to grow across mainland Europe

6.2 Hand wash popularity causes market value to decline

6.2.1 Standalone operators must use hand washes to combat service stations

6.2.2 Hand washes give service stations an additional way to appeal to motorists

6.2.3 Service stations must overcome barriers to offering hand wash

6.3 Wash occasions per vehicle will rise as washes drop in price

6.3.1 Rollover wash installations to suffer the most from low-cost wash trends by 2019

6.3.2 Tunnel washes offer standalone operators differentiation

6.3.3 Increased levels of disposable income will create new wash occasions

6.3.4 Home washing still prominent due to motorist wash habits during recession

7 Major Competitors

7.1 Austria

7.1.1 Agip (Eni) has the largest car wash network in Austria

7.2 Czech Republic

7.2.1 Benzina AS has 150 service station car washes in Czech Republic

7.3 Finland

7.3.1 Neste has over 200 service station car washes in Finland

7.4 France

7.4.1 BP has the largest number of service station car washes in the UK

7.5 Germany

7.5.1 Shell has the largest number of service station car washes in Germany

7.6 Greece

7.6.1 BP (Hellenic) has 650 service station car washes in Greece

7.7 Italy

7.7.1 API (API-IP) has the largest number of service station car washes in Italy

7.8 Netherlands

7.8.1 Shell has over 200 service stations with car washes in the Netherlands

7.9 Poland

7.9.1 BP has the largest number of service station car washes in Poland

7.1 Romania

7.10.1 OMV (Petrom) has over 80 service station car washes in Romania

7.11 Russia

7.11.1 Rosneft has 200 service station car washes in Russia

7.12 Slovakia

7.12.1 Slovnaft has over 110 service station car washes in Slovakia

7.13 Spain

7.13.1 Repsol has the largest number of service station car washes in Spain

7.14 Sweden

7.14.1 Statoil has the largest number of service station car washes in Sweden

7.15 Turkey

7.15.1 Slovnaft has over 110 service station car washes in Slovakia

7.16 UK

7.16.1 BP has the largest number of service station car washes in the UK

8 Methodology

8.1 Stage one: primary research

8.2 Stage two: market modelling

8.3 Stage three: primary validation

8.4 Stage four: data finalisation

9 Appendix

9.1 About Verdict Retail

9.2 Disclaimer

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