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Weight Loss Meal Plan for Overweight People

News   •   Aug 02, 2012 12:23 IST

Meal replacement diets are substitutes for solid meals. Here people replace their meals with protein shakes, cookies, diet bars, energy bars, protein bars and other forms of liquid sustenance for one or two regular meals per day usually breakfast and occasionally lunch. The familiar form of it is meal replacement shakes or shake-based diets. Overweight people take meal replacement shakes as one of the most effective strategies of their weight loss meal plan. With this method calorie intake is reduced to help people get back their normal weight. They supply you adequate amounts of minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients that your body requires. These meal substitutes or shake based diets are strategically prepared to provide you nutrients, energy and certain amount of calories required for your daily activities. Side by side, an endeavor is made to gratify your hunger. A person suffering from obesity should intake 800 to 1000 calories per day. So you should not cross 200 to 400 calories per intake. The basic aim of this meal replacement is to lose weight through healthy eating.


To prepare these shake based diets various types of combination are done.

Some significant combinations are:   

Low fat and high protein

Low-fat meals with very high amounts of protein and very low amount of carbohydrates

Now take a look at your weight loss meal plan: 

  • Have 3-4 small meals in a day.
  • Substitute 1-2 of those meals with meal replacement shakes that contain nutritionally balanced food.
  • Drink more water after each meal
  • Take healthy snakes
  • Create smoothies with your shakes based diets with fruits and vegetables.
  • Include sensible high fiber meals in your weight loss meal plan
  • Increase the portion size of each meal and snack by about 10% for a few days, and then slowly reduce it if you can.
  • You can take extra servings of allowed fruits.
  • You can have a glass of butter milk and a handful of soya nuts.
  • Cut some vegetables like celery, carrot and capsicum into sticks or chunks and keep them in the fridge. When you will feel hungry eat them up. But you must take them in a limited quantity.


In a healthy weight loss meal plan you should go for a balanced diet. Be very careful about calorie intake. Count calorie intake per day. Consume at least one meal per day to balance the nutritional value and curb hunger pangs. To curb the temptation of eating food high in fat take fiber foods that include fruits like apples, pears and raw vegetables like broccoli, asparagus, beet and carrots. As your lunch you can consume burger and a soft drink. At dinner you can take pasta then replace it with these shakes to lessen the calorie intake. Give up the habit of overeating.


If you start taking meal replacement shakes as your effective healthy weight loss meal plan, sometimes you feel these boring due to your continuous taking. So it is better to make change in flavors. You can use two different flavors to break the monotony. To make this objective fruitful for you SlimAsia healthy weight program has appeared to the scene. This international healthy weight program has reached India with an objective to make overweight people tick especially who belong to Asian Origin. The weight loss consultants, doctors, dietitians and other workers working under the program have brought various nutritionally balanced meal replacements and shake based diets of different flavors to help the people become slim.