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What do You Need to Start and Run a Driving School?

News   •   Jul 16, 2012 16:09 IST

In today’s expeditious world all of we are looking to be speedy.  In order to shorten their time many people want to learn the tactics of driving car.  Most of them are keen to learn how to drive four wheelers. So learning how to drive a car has become a part and parcel of our present day life. Besides, having good salary and low labor, many people (especially in Australia) look for a career in it. They like to choose truck driving and heavy vehicle driving as their professions. This propensity to driving a car or truck or heavy vehicle has opened up a new avenue for the businesses and professional drivers. To meet the demand of the day many businesses and driving professionals have stated setting up many driving schools and specialized truck driving schools.

If you know and love driving various kinds of light and heavy vehicles you can open a driving school of your won. It will help you earn money and to be popular among people as every driver remembers their driving instructor. If you have ADTA – (Australian Driver Trainers Association) certification then chances of getting learner is more than the others as people consider you as a qualified driving instructor. All these qualities are not sufficient for running a driving school. It is much more than that.

Now take a look at the requisite qualities for setting up and running a driving school:

For setting up a school you must need enough money to start it and keeping various types of cars, buses, trucks and other vehicles.

You must be patient and excellent as a driver.

You must be committed to the RTA goal 'Fair go for safe drivers'.

You must be very honest.

You must be communicative and amusing in nature

You should always keep in mind “the safe drivers of tomorrow are the well-taught learners of today”

You need to be jolly and motivating to cheer learners up

You must have an approval or affiliation.

A good set of cars from almost all categories such as small vehicles, sedans, Sports utility vehicles to meet customers’ requirements and their desired cars to practice on.

You should stock up study mats and other latest updated version of handbooks and magazines to make people aware of various matters concern to be a responsible driver. 

You must make sure that you and your entire staffs are customer friendly and ready to offer their training with a smile.

You need a website 2.0 so that people can know about you, get information on their queries and register for getting lesson and driver’s licence.

You can reach the people by using very promotional advertising methods.

You will teach them with career oriented lesson and get in touch with them till they get their licence under CBA.

As a beginner you can start it on a part-time basis. But with the pace of time you can expand it. You can increase the number of valuable assets and qualified driving instructors. It is always desirable that you would hire both male and female instructors as some lady learner drivers don’t feel free with male instructors.

If you want to be a driver and looking for an ideal institution, you can find New Tecah Driving School as your perfect destination that helps to fulfill your dreams and makes sure all above conditions to meet this goal: 'Fair go for safe drivers'.