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What should aspirants do and look far in this part of the year

News   •   Nov 01, 2018 22:25 IST

July and August are the months when we get some good entries in colleges; the time of brain harvesting. Many of us have many plans for their careers. Students who want to pursue their further education outside India are probably now have missed their September intakes in many of the countries. Sometimes I feel, its really somewhat hectic; clearing exams and then further appearing for IELTS or TOEFL, PTE, GRE or GMAT kind of exams. So, the schedule goes like this – finish the exams in April and the probably we all have holidays. In these holidays we prepare for these targeted exams. Because we feel that now it is the time of celebration where we have cleared a stage. But what we forget that life never wants us to stop for such celebrations. I’m not against these celebrations but celebration at the cost of future; definitely not a good deal.

Students who are not able to clear their GMAT, GRE, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT or PTE kind of exams are not getting admissions anywhere in their desired countries. So, in September they are left in India. Now, by the mid of October – the Junuary intake in most of the countries are in progress. So, if one has scored good enough to be in the desired country he/she must immediately move a step forward.

USA, Canada, Australia have January intakes whereas the European countries have February intakes in their universities. During discussion with director of international admissions at Troy University in USA what is found that most of the students joining them in January intake are easily absorbed without much of the completion as usually universities have in the September and May intakes.

I always suggest students that better late than never. If they are getting better options in the January intake its better.

Even then there are students who are still waiting for some good news in the coming year. For them; they are just adding one year to their resume doing nothing. For them the next intake will fall in May or September probably.

Students who are still studying in high or secondary schools for them it’s a good time to not just focus on their upcoming exams but to learn something new too. Now a days the trend of third language is gaining success. Learn German or French; these are the languages high in demand after English. Many countries in Europe accept these two languages as their integral parts. Believe me, it will definitely surprise them in the job market as well. While surfing some of the job portals in Europe, USA, and Canada it is found that the career opportunities for multilingual aspirants are quite high with some handsome salaries. So, learning a new language in this part of the year shall definitely yield some good fruits for your future.

Overseas career aspirants are to focus more on sharpening their skills. This is the time of Christmas; the biggest festival of the world. All the mentioned above countries celebrate this festival and it is during this time when they have more worker requirements with them. Sales and Kitchen jobs are to be filled in this period of the year. The hospitality sector in Switzerland, France and Czech Republic flourishes more during this period. Yes, this is the time we call the golden months of the year where there are more options and opportunities for Indians too.

Anyone heard about holiday work visa?

Mr. Muzaffar Ahmad Noori Bajwa, an Education Counseling Expert in the country said "There is a career prospect for graduates with some work experience who want to settle in Germany. For them Germany has launched a scheme wherein the young graduates can go to Germany and search for their jobs. Believe me, this is one of the best options for those willing to further make their career in Europe. Yes, there is a criterion under which one must possess at least 5 years of relevant experience."

During this time of the year it is mostly advised that one must focus energy on some constructive work as this is the most distracting time for students and working professionals as well.

"Medical aspirants are advised to focus on study abroad as well. There are very lucrative options available in Ukraine and other parts of Eurasia region where the medical education is far cheaper than any other nation in the world. I’ve been observing that the two countries are coming forward in the field of Medicine namely Ukraine and South Korea. Observing top medicine experts in the world toppers are trained in Ukraine, I’m surprised. In the last decade Ukraine has actually focused on the development of education especially medicine." Mr. Ahmad added.

Students who want to pursue their further studies of Hospitality Management in USA or Canada for them joining some 3 to 6 months program in Singapore will gain them something very valuable. These courses are very pocket friendly. Definitely worth studying and worth value to CV as well.

In a nutshell at one side if this is the time of Celebrations, Marriages and Festivals the other hand this is the time which might bring something very valuable in your life; A life changing experience.