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Why meal replacement?

News   •   Jul 26, 2012 12:03 IST

Meal replacement plays a significant role in weight loss meal plan. That is why most of the people, who struggle for achieving weight loss, choose meal replacement as ideal option of their healthy weight loss plan. Meal replacement may come in different forms like shake-based diets or bars, curbing diets and many more. Meal replacement is a good option that allows you to skip a breakfast, a lunch, a dinner or a snack without any breaking in nutrients and calories. To be more precise, in spite of not taking your breakfast, lunch or dinner you may stay nutritionally balanced as it serves the same purpose. Most people who struggle for weight loss they generally substitute either one or two own food choices (breakfast, lunch, dinner) by this meal replacement. Nowadays it has been a common trend of choosing meal replacement shakes as the best option than others. As per the recent study report is concerned, most easy weight loss seekers prefer it most as it is more stable than the others. The study finds that men and women who choose shake-based diet become able to keep their weight off for more than a year.

 Again it is worthy to be mentioned here that the exact meal replacement choice increases the chances of losing more weight. Say for example if you choose a Shake-based diet option that can’t help you full up to the next meal, you may either try for another option or go to gratify  your hunger with other victuals (until the next meal) that may  not be healthy for you. Besides, you may have chosen a shake option that does not tastes good, then you might yield to unhealthy cravings. And the most important thing is that you must choose a shake-based diet that contains the same amount of nutrients that you are missing as the consequence of a meal replacement or skipping a meal. It must have the right number of calories to help you in healthy weight loss. It must have the right number of calories to help you in healthy weight loss. Good  shake based diets always meet a good number of factors like good taste, good flavors, ability to substitute nutrients that you are lacking as the consequence of skipping a meal, and finally the shakes should contain a low amount of calories.

Why meal replacement?

Helps in healthy weight loss

Makes you feel full till your next meal

Helps you get adequate calories or nutrients to meet your daily intake requirements

Helps you survive in the time of famine or food crisis.

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