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2012 Deep Research Report on Global and China Vitamin D3 Industry

Press Release   •  Aug 11, 2012 14:01 IST

2012 Deep Research Report on Global and China Vitamin D3 Industry was professional and depth research report on Global and China Vitamin D3 industry. This report has firstly introduced Vitamin D3 definition classification industry chain etc related information. Then introduced Vitamin D3 manufacturing technology, product specifications,cost analysis, equipment, materials and technology trends. And then introduced Global and China 2009-2013 vitamin D3 production capacity, production, enterprise market share, and introduced the 2009-2013 vitamin D3 enterprise production capacity utilization, China accounted for a proportion of the Global and the Global and China supply and demand relations, gap ,costs, prices, profit margins, import and export consumption.

And also introduced Global 8 manufacturers company basic information, 2009-2013 Vitamin D3 capacity production price cost profit margin production value etc details information. In the end, this report introduced 1000 t 500K units / g Vitamin D3 project feasibility analysis and investment return analysis also give related research conclusions and development trend analysis of Global and China Vitamin D3 industry. In a word, it was a depth research report on Global and China Vitamin D3 industry. And thanks to the support and assistance from Vitamin D3 industry chain (Vitamin D3 downstream consumer upstream related raw materials suppliers and government agencies etc) related experts and enterprises during Research Team survey and interviews.

Table of Contents
Chapter One Vitamin D3 Industry Overview 1
1.1 Vitamin D3 Definition 1
1.2 Vitamin D3 Classification and Application 2
1.3 Industry Chain Structure 4
1.4 Market status and trends 5
1.5 Policy Analysis 6

Chapter Two Vitamin D3 Technical Parameters and Manufacturing Process 8
2.1 Product technical parameters 8
2.2 Manufacturing process 8
2.3 Manufacturing cost analysis 13
2.4 Equipment and materials resume 14
2.5 Technology trends and difficulty 15

Chapter Three Vitamin D3 Production, Supply, Sales, Demand Market Status and Forecast Analysis 17
3.1 Global production overview 17
3.2 China production overview 26
3.3 2012 global vitamin D3 factory capacity(ton), production (ton) and capacity utilization 35
3.4 Year 2009-2013 China vitamin D3 capacity(ton), production (ton) and global share 36
3.5 Global and China vitamin D3 demand overview 37
3.6 Global and China vitamin D3 supply ,demand and the gap(supply and demand relation) 38
3.7 Global and China vitamin D3 cost, price, output value, profit margin 40
3.8 China vitamin D3 imports, exports and consumption 42
3.9 Major clients 42

Chapter Four Core Enterprise Research 44
4.3 Xiamen Kingdomway Group Company 50
4.5 Sichuan Neijiang Huixin Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd 55
4.6 BASF Group Co.,Ltd 58
4.7 DSM Group Co.,Ltd 62
4.8 Fermenta Biotech Ltd (FBL) 64

Chapter Five China 1000 t 500Kunits / g vitamin D3 Feed Particles Project Investment Feasibility Analysis 68
5.1 China 1000 t 500Kunits / g vitamin D3 feed particles project risk analysis 68
5.2 China 1000 t 500Kunits / g vitamin D3 feed particles project feasibility analysis 69
5.2.1 Project Name 69
5.2.2 Products and the proposed scale 69
5.2.3 Project construction content and cash flow 69
5.2.4 Project period plan 71
5.2.5 Project feasibility 75
5.2.6 General Conclusions 76

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2012 Deep Research Report on Global and China Vitamin D3 Industry


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