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2020 Foresight Report: Self-Service Branch Banking

Press Release   •   Dec 07, 2013 12:27 IST

Dec 7, 2013 : Bharat Book Bureau presents the new report, on ''2020 Foresight Report: Self-Service Branch Banking" provides a comprehensive analysis of self-service branch banking business models adopted by retail banks.

The report provides market analysis, information and insights into self-service branch banking. The report:
- Provides a global snapshot of self-service branch banking adopted by retail banks in developing and developed economies in the banking industry
- An analysis of self-service branch banking trends and drivers and key operational opportunities.
- Offers detailed analysis of self-service branch business models adopted by retail banks globally


The retail banking industry’s banking channel has evolved from traditional full-service branch banking to alternate channels such as online, mobile and self-service. Full-service branches still play a key role in the distribution of banking products and services as banks rely on these branches to generate the vast majority of revenue. However, the operating expenses and infrastructural investments associated with full-service branches encourage banks to consider low-cost self-service branch banking to expand their market presence. Banks have redefined branch banking following the financial crisis in order to maintain operational efficiency and to improve overall financial performance. While full-service branches remain the primary contact point for customers, banks realize that the expansion of the branch model is not sustainable due to rising real estate costs and changing consumer preferences. Low-cost channels such as self-service, online and mobile banking have therefore been gaining momentum. These channels are adopted with the aim of cost-effectively expanding business in rural and unbanked areas.


- This report provides a comprehensive analysis of self-service branch banking business models adopted by retail banks
- It gives insight into the various trends seen in self-service branch banking
- It details insights on the operational, technological and regulatory drivers driving the growth of retail banks while offering services under self-service branch banking
- It details the implementation strategies and best practices adopted by retail banks to offer their self-service branch banking services across the globe
- It provides case studies on self-service branch banking implemented by various retail banks and their outcomes

Reasons To Buy

- Understand the dynamics of the self-service branch banking landscape across the key markets worldwide
- Assess the current and future opportunities for self-service branch banking in the retail banking industry
- Gain insights into the business models adopted by retail banks to offer services under self-service branch banking
- Gain insight into various trends and drivers driving the growth of retail banks in offering self-service branch banking solutions

Key Highlights
- The number of ATMs deployed in key countries increased during the review period (2008–2012), making them the most widely-used self-service banking model. In the US, the total number of ATMs increased from 425,010 in 2008 to 444,872 in 2012.
- The adoption of new technology enables banks to upgrade their branch banking models with advanced banking features and to distinguish themselves from competitors. Such features include biometric ATMs for secure banking transactions and contactless ATMs for faster transactions. Furthermore, the use of videoconferencing in ATMs enables interaction with bank employees for banking assistance.
- Retail banks around the world seek to expand their business footprints in unbanked and under-banked areas to target new customers and gain market share. However, the establishment of full-service branches is not always feasible for banks due to the costs associated with it, driving banks to adopt the self-service branch banking model to remain cost-effective. Banks set up these types of branches in remote areas and at places with high customer footfall such as stadiums, shopping malls, railway stations and marketplaces.
- The penetration of self-service branches has increased as banks are more reliant on offering quality service and enhanced customer experiences through facilities in these branches such as automated self-service kiosks, flagship branches, contactless ATMs and in-store self-service branches. Consumers can now conduct around 80% of banking transactions through ATMs and other automated banking channels without staff assistance.

Table of Contents
1 Executive Summary
2 Global Snapshot on Self-Service Branch Banking
2.1 Global Snapshot
2.2 Key Drivers
2.3 Evolution of Self-Service Branch Banking
3 Self-Service Branch Banking Models
3.1 ATMs
3.2 Assisted Self-Service Branch
3.3 In-Store Self-Service Terminals
3.4 Flagship Self-Service Branch
4 Emerging Trends and their Impact Assessments
4.1 Operations Trends
4.1.1 Developed economies
4.1.2 Emerging economies
4.2 Technology Trends
4.2.1 Developed economies
4.2.2 Emerging economies
4.3 Regulatory Trends
4.3.1 Developed economies
4.3.2 Emerging economies
5 Implementation Strategies and Case Examples
5.1 Best Practices Adopted
5.1.1 Redefining branch banking with the introduction of self-service kiosks
5.1.2 Adoption of innovative technology to provide improved and secured banking experience
5.1.3 Partnerships and collaborations to offer technologically-advanced solutions
5.1.4 Integration and automation of the banking operations
5.1.5 Expanding self-service branch to enhance retail banking footprint
5.2 Case Examples
5.2.1 JP Morgan Chase redefined its branch banking with the introduction of self-service kiosks
5.2.2 Wells Fargo’s introduction of mini-branches to increase business in the US
5.2.3 Introduction of the world’s first contactless ATMs in Spain by la Caixa
5.2.4 RBS aims to improve its retail banking operations in the UK

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