3rd Party Logistics Market in India

Press Release   •   Oct 17, 2012 11:49 IST

RNCOS has recently added a new Market Research Report titled, “3rd Party Logistics Market in India” to its report gallery. Third-party logistics (3PL) or logistics outsourcing is gaining importance as more and more corporations across the world, unable to manage their complex supply chains, are outsourcing logistics activities to the 3PL or logistics service providers. The 3PL market in India is least developed and highly fragmented. However, due to the increasing awareness of the Indian firms towards the benefits of logistics outsourcing there is an immense potential for growth of 3PL in India. The report on “3rd Party Logistics Market in India” comprehensively studies all such factors and provides the forecast for the 3PL market in India till 2015.

Additionally, RNCOS found that the Indian logistics industry is likely to continue its growth momentum due to the reviving fortunes of the sector with booming end-user industries. Thus, to facilitate a better analysis of the penetration level of 3PL logistic services across different industries in India, we have studied the market potential of the 3PL services in four major industries including: Automobile, IT Hardware, FMCG and Consumer Electronics till 2015. Subsequently, it has been found that the automobile industry dominates the 3PL market with majority share, and is forecasted to remain the fastest growing segment in Indian 3PL market.

Further, it has been revealed that storage infrastructure is the most important aspect of the logistics industry supply chain and forms the fundamental platform for the development of logistics industry in any market across the globe. The report also covers analysis of Warehousing, Cold Storage and CFS/ICD (Container Freight Stations/Inland Container Depot) industry in India. It was found that, the CFS/ICD industry is expected to register a strong growth in future, followed by cold storage industry.

As infrastructure is the most important part of logistics industry, thus our report discusses freight movement by roads, railways, air and ocean. Continuous improvement in logistic infrastructure has led 3PL services to be perceived as a far better mode of controlling both internal and external logistic processes. The report also covers brief overview of logistics parks in India along with emerging industry trends such as Green Logistics and 4PL industry.

The report also provides profiling of the major public and private players, which will help the clients to gain insights on their overall business and industry activities. Overall, the report is likely to prove as a proper source of knowledge for investors and clients interested for investment in the Indian 3PL Market.

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