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Press Release   •   Jan 21, 2016 16:27 IST

India Air Purifier Market Registered Revenues worth $27.17 Million in CY’2015 (Jan-Dec). Sharp emerged as the market leader – 6Wresearch

According to the latest report by 6Wresearch on India Air Purifier Market 2016, India Air purifier market recorded revenues worth $27.17 Million in 2015 and is anticipated to grow exponentially over the coming years as well. Sharp emerged as the leader with a market share of around 23% (in volume terms) in CY’2015, closely followed by Philips, Eureka Forbes and Daikin. According to a WHO report 2014, Delhi recorded the highest pollution level and as a result the city registered highest sales of Air Purifiers in India followed by other cities such as Bengaluru, Mumbai and Hyderabad.Sharp launched its products in the Indian market in 2012, where the company primarily targeted Expats and selected HNI community. Delhi/NCR region was the core area of focus; however, to increase awareness about the Indoor air pollution especially in tier I and II cities, the company expanded its direct sales network on a pan India basis. In 2015, direct sales contributed about 36% of the total sales and is further expected to increase over the next six years, owing to its rising promotion through online media and PR activities.

With rapidly detonating air quality in most of the Indian cities and rising respiratory and asthma diseases, air purifiers comes as saviour to the Indian population. The equipment which was barley heard a year ago, now making huge footprints in the Indian with major International players entering the market. Currently there are around 50 vendors which are supplying air purifiers in India Market.

According to the Anuj Mehrotra, Analyst at Electronics Division 6Wresearch, “The overall air purifier market including room and car air purifiers would together witness growth rate of over 160%. The Companies should increasingly expand their market reach to Individual homes from currently commercials and expats which should unleash the mass underlying opportunity. At present, the main challenge is the awareness and the distribution channel which, if addressed, should open new gates for the companies to increase their sales exponentially”. He further added, “the future growth lies in providing air purifiers to Mid-Class segment rather than keeping it as the luxury product for the rich. Additionally, the Companies should target the modern distribution channels to expand their network such as online retailing”.

According to Shuvendu Mazumdar, National Product Manager - Air Purifiers Sharp Business Systems India Private Limited, “We will keep educating consumers through online media and PR activities. From here-on, we would like to strengthen the direct selling network with additional models and streamline flow of technical information”.

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