A Glimpse Of Indian Cotton Yarn And Textile Industry

Press release   •   Jan 02, 2014 15:38 IST

One of the oldest industries which contribute to the growth of the Indian economy is the textile industry. It is a major contributor to the industrial sector of the economy. Among the different types of textiles which are exported from the country, cotton yarn is known to be the most significant product which is exported in large amounts from India. India manufactures different types of yarns and exports it extensively to different parts of the world.

There are different types of yarns which can be differentiated on the basis of the thread count. Cotton is blended with various other types of fabrics such as silk so that it appears shiny. There are hand dyed yarns which can be bought in different attractive colors and varieties. Most of the Indian suppliers offer a huge range of these products which include combed cotton, carded, open end, compact, polyester, viscose and so forth. Wool and acrylic are some of the other forms of yarns which are widely used to manufacture different types of clothing products. Majority of the reliable and reputed suppliers offer a huge range of varieties to the consumers. Different types of cotton yarns can be bought even through online stores at affordable price rates.

It is mainly used for knitting clothes. Most people prefer to knit clothes with the use of these yarns as it is soft and comfortable compared to woolen yarns. Dish towels, wash cloths, sweaters and other types of clothing products are knitted with the use of these yarns. Moreover, these products are durable and strong compared to other types of clothing products.

Cotton clothing have been one of the most favorite varieties of clothing products in India due to its utmost comfort and durability. Sportswear, T-shirts, dresses and baby wear made of pure cotton fabrics are quite popular in India. Knitted fabrics are stretchable and comfortable. It is also resistant to wrinkles. Most people prefer to wear knitted fabrics as it is a perfect blend of style and quality.

Organic yarn products are in great demand in a country like India. These fabrics are durable with the ability to withstand dyes. However, organic fabrics are quite expensive compared to the conventional fabrics. Organic cotton fabrics are not just comfortable but also eco-friendly. It seldom contains any harmful chemicals which may cause allergies and rashes. Raw cotton products are in great demand in the country and abroad. It is widely exported to different parts of the world due to its beneficial features.

Indian yarns include high quality and therefore it is in great demand in the international textile markets. The Indian textile industry is therefore one of the most promising sectors in the Indian economy. The quality of raw cotton materials produced in India surpasses the quality of fabrics produced in other foreign countries.

Cotton knitted fabrics is hugely popular as it offers comfort and style. Today majority of the online stores offer a huge range of organic fabrics in different styles and prices for all age groups.

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