A Guide To Your First Aid Kit And Its Contents

Press Release   •   Jul 23, 2013 16:55 IST

A first aid box is one among the most essential things required during an emergency or crisis. This kit should be organized with all the essential items and available at all times. It is essential to have these kits at home, workplaces and in the cars. These kits can be bought from pharmacies, departmental stores and even online stores. There are special kits which are manufactured for specific medical requirements.

There are some most essential items which should be included in these kits. However, the contents may vary according to the type of location and requirements. However, there are some basic elements which are present in every medical box.

Essential Contents:

The basic kit should include the following items.

* Non-stick dressing of different sizes
* Triangular bandages
* Plastic bags
* Disposable gloves
* Scissors
* Medium gauze dressing
* Pair of tweezers
* Adhesive tapes
* Crepe
* Saline solution
* Band aids
* Antiseptic lotion

Every first aid kit should include certain features and some of the most important among them include:

Organized: It is important to keep these kits organized so that it is easy to find things during emergencies. Choose kits with ample number of pockets so as to store essential and small items neatly.

Durable: Medical kits should be durable as most people carry it while camping and hiking. It should be able to withstand the extremities of weather.

Clear Labels: All the items included in the kit should be labeled neatly so that it is easy to search and use them during accidents and emergencies.

Practical: It is also important to choose safety kits which include practical items. It should contain all the necessary items such as band aids, gauzes, scissors, medicines and so forth.

Handbook: Some of the best kits include an emergency handbook which offers guidance for first aid during accidents or sudden illness. It also offers essential information on how to treat wounds.

Storage Tips:

These kits should be stored in a cool and dry place. It should be easily accessible by all members of the family. Replace solutions and medicines according to its storage dates or use-by dates. It is also important to replace used items from the first aid kits as soon as possible.

Uses of Different Equipment

Triangular Bandages: It is mainly used to restrict movement and to hold the splints in place

Adhesive Strip Dressing: These are small strips of gauze with an adhesive back. It is used on minor skin injuries and cuts. It is also known as band-aids. It is available in different sizes and shapes for various types of injuries.

Wound Dressing: These are thick pads which help to control bleeding. It also helps to reduce the risk of infection. There are different sizes of wound dressing pads for various types of wounds.

Non Adhesive Dressing: It is widely used to cover burn skin and abrasions as adhesive dressing should never be used on burnt skin.

Eyewash solutions can be used to flush the eyes to eliminate dust and sand particles from the eyes.

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